ScareCauldron – Mix Up Your Halloween with Fun and Fear

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Android Apps | 0 comments

ScareCauldron – Mix Up Your Halloween with Fun and Fear

Scaring someone is not difficult. The age does matter but if it’s the right move at the right time, the reaction is spontaneous. It’s just a matter of a rotten face and a screaming sound that makes a movie theatre go silent. With the Halloween night coming this season, it is the right time to prepare some haunting elements to scare up your friends. Dressed up in some haunted setups, you are just on the verge of perfection. The only thing missing is a sound horrible enough to shake your soul. Let’s mix it then with ScareCauldron.

We are talking about the new Android app, ScareCauldron that has been developed by Bit Cauldron Corporation, a consumer electronics software company based in Florida. The app they have developed is a combination of scary sound player as well as a sound mixer. So, no more need to search for those scary sounds on the web. Just make up yourself intimidating enough and put the phone under your costume with the scary sound being played; you can even scare that ghost from Amityville.

The app opens to a black magic setup with some skulls hanging around and a pot with some boiling liquid as if it belongs to a witch. There are two game modes: Haunt and Mixing. In the Haunted mode, you can select any of the five sounds available to you and put them in the pot. Then, tap the Haunt button and play those scary sounds to terrorize your friends. In the Mixing mode, you can choose any of those sounds and put them in the pot. This will allow you to mix them sounds and play the remixed version. Just keep playing and who knows; maybe you turn up with a better sound than available!

You can play the sounds on big speakers with the help of 3.5 mm jack to haunt up the room. However, if you are alone getting bored and want to spice up your night with horror dreams, you can switch to the headphones. The app is surround sound enabled and when you drag the scare around the pot on the screen, the sound will move accordingly around your head.

The app has some ups and downs as well. The interface is dressed up in a similar fashion to a horror movie, but a dull one! But it is good enough to widen the eyes of your children. But the one thing to boast about is the amazing sound quality it delivers. Really, it was a treat to listen with some average compositions! But in contrast, it has some problems as well. The sound keeps on playing even if your phone rings up. The only option is to quit the app first and then take your phone call.

The app is available for free in the App Store. But you can upgrade the current version for $1.99 to get some more scary tunes added to your app. The pricing is not justified enough as there are many other similar apps with many horrifying sounds for free.

Overall, the app is an average one; the only difference being the mix feature. However, it itself is not enough to carry that price tag.

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