Shadow Fight 2- An Enthralling RPG Combat Game

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Most combat games can get boring and dreary after a while. There are very few talented developers who can make a good fighting game. If you are familiar with the Android game Shadow Fight, then its sequel is sure to come as a delight. Developers Nekki have found another way to keep their users engaged in combat and keep them battling.

Shadow Fight 2 is one game that is fluid both in terms of looks and gameplay. Very few games score on both and this is one of the few that falls in this category. The app implements the game with the help of two basic moves- kick and punch. It proceeds slower than the others but still keeps you hooked. These two moves, combined with numerous direction pushes on a virtual stick, can give you a wide array of random basic moves. To add to the excitement, there is a range of weapons and magical attacks. The possibilities are endless.

sf1What makes Shadow Fight 2 stand out among other games in its niche is the creativity that has been implemented in the concept and gameplay. The fighting experience has been enhanced manifold to one of cinematic stature with the use of shadow fighters. They move so fluidly that the game seems almost mesmerising at times. Fights seem like actual encounters of martial arts and varying fight effects add a quality to the game like never before.

There’s more to the game than just fighter. Half the game revolves around RPG. As soon as you traverse the locales in the storyline, you need to level up your fighters. As you unlock magical abilities, armour and new weapons at each level, the excitement builds up. All is based on gems and currency that can be bought using the in- app purchases. These can also be won as rewards for good performance.

sf2The storyline line of the game is a little bit of a downside but the excitement is held on by the addition of newer things and areas to explore. There lie six different worlds for you to discover and figure your way through. The essence of the game lies in exploring new areas and finding powerful weapons throughout. There is even a dojo for you to smoothen out your moves through practice.

The game could indeed have a social factor with multiplayer mode over probably Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This would really add to the challenge and excitement. Customized fighters would add to the glam factor too.

To sum things up, the combat sequences seem almost lifelike with the high quality animation. The controls are highly intuitive with high thrill and excitement levels. With so much to explore in the form of six worlds, enthralling RPG and exciting weapons, there is more than enough to get you addicted to the game. Developers Nekki have indeed proved their mettle and carved their own niche in the market with this app. If you are fond of RPG-style combat games, this one is surely for you.

Good: Fluid fighting animation in the form of shadow fighters

Bad: Lack of multiplayer mode.

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