Shire defense- Keep Yourself Busy

by | Nov 29, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

I am not a fun of smartphone games but this one gets me well. Shire is a game I can play the whole day and still be able to complain about time. The game has distinct features that make it stand out.


Shire defense is an action game where you are required to defend your kingdom that is at war. The kingdom is being attacked by wicked wizards, zombies, nasty warriors, horrible ogres and murky mages. There are different levels of this game. In as much as you want to defend your kingdom, it is important to plan well. You are required to put defenders in place that will emit metal bees, tornados, poison smoke and fire balls. The metal bees will keep away the monsters. Given that there are mad wizards and zombies, you should make sure that your defense is on top. You can make these powerful by upgrading. You can play using 25 maps and on 5 regions. The maps include town environment, forest, mountain, pass and shire. The higher you go the more difficult it becomes. Each level you are required to battle your enemies who are out to attack the defenders you have put in place.


This game has a user friendly interface. Even beginners can have an easy time playing. All a player has to do is just tap on the screen to choose a defensive weapon. To get the defender, you should tap the screen again. It has instructions to show new players how to go about it. Players should be quick thinkers and they have to place their defenders strategically to defeat the enemies.

Some of the features of this interesting game include:

25 maps: You will get the chance of travelling in 25diffeent places. The levels become harder with each place.

5 enemies: There are 5 enemies to battles. Each of them needs different attackers. Players are required to use 5 different defenders to defeat these enemies. As the enemies advance so should your defenders.

3 levels of difficulty: The games provide you with 3 difficult levels. You will get to know where your skills range. It is a bit difficult to advance to the intermediate level when you are in the easy mode. You will not get bored that fast when playing.

5 environments: You will get to fight your battles in different environments. Some of those environments include mountains passes, forest, valley and town.


To be able to download this game you should have an ipad, iPod touch or iphone. This should have iOS 5.1 or higher. There is no money you have to pay to download it. You can download it for free by going to the app store. There are also in-app purchases which have 4 gem packs. The gem packs will help you to increase your progress when playing.

There is no doubt that this game get interesting by every level. You will be able to keep yourself busy by coming up with different strategies. It has the best graphics and a good design. You can download the shire defense game and get to strategize on how you can defend your kingdom. Shire defense brings you challenges whenever you play. Get shire defense and make your day an interesting one.

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