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I love to take photographs and share with friends and family. It gives me great joy to savor happy moments spent together especially for important events where entire family and friends meet occasionally.

I am sure it is not just me, but everyone loves collecting and sharing photos. Last year alone there has been trillion photos were taken and shared in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.,


But I always had one problem that used to trouble me. It is the privacy. I am sure you don’t want certain photos of yours shared in the public domain without your consent. You should be able to choose what to share to the public and what not to share.

For the first time with Shoto App I am confident and feel secure to share my photo albums privately.

What is Shoto App?

Shoto is a photo-sharing app which you can use to collect pictures taken by your friends and family members anywhere in the world. It is very secure and can be used to share photos collected with others without worrying about your privacy.


It is one of the most reviewed photo-sharing apps by best magazines like wired, network world, the guardian, the telegraph, the next web, etc….

Shoto app has been loved by investors and users alike for its innovative and useful features. Recently, it received $1.5 million funding from real ventures and others. It is also a partner of UN foundation since June 2015.

What is the unique feature of this app?

The unique feature is that Shoto uses a machine learning algorithm which allows you to know how many photos you have seen from your friends or relatives’ album. In future, Duggal plans to utilize this algorithm for new application such as finding a new restaurant nearby.

The sharing of photos happens real-time, and you have your album ready by the time party or function is over. Shoto has lot more advanced features and is also free, which makes it one of the must have photo-sharing apps.


Important Features of Shoto App:

Shoto has photo editing and meme generator inbuilt.
Shoto’s photo editor has advanced features to create photo effects to enhance sharpness, photo cropping tool and filters to touch up photos.
Shoto comes with unlimited storage and is powered by Amazon web services.

Other features of Shoto App are:

Photo editor tools for Selfie’s and Selfie Camera
No need to upload or download
Private and simplified Photo Sharing with just a few clicks.
Discover the feature to find photos from all your friends’
Private photo albums are organized automatically for easy sharing.
You can easily merge photos to your albums.
You can also create events using event code.

How does it feel to use Shoto:

Shoto App feels very elegant. Everything with Shoto is so intuitive. It has neat installation and light weight on your mobile. It is fast and looks very professional. Most importantly it makes you feel very nice since you have not missed any happy moments spent with your friends and family.

How to share and request photos:

Shoto recognizes who was with you while taking photos and enables your friends to share and contribute to your album. It finds
events like birthdays, places, or dates contextually and alerts you & your friends to share photos from times you may have forgotten.

Shoto uses time and location to group your photos into private albums for easy sharing.

What should you do?

App is available in both Google Play as well as Apple App store and windows version is likely to come soon. The app supports native languages like Hindi, Mandarin, French, Spanish in addition to English.

You just download Shoto and start using to start sharing your organized albums privately with your friends. You not only discover but also help your friends discover and cherish some moments you have missed.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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