Shryne- Store your memories in a safety deposit box

by | Feb 1, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Most of our memories today are defined by the time we spend online with our friends and family. A lot of the messaging apps we use today do not preserve our memories for longer than a few months. Some like Snapchat store them for a couple of seconds while other messaging apps store them for months only. We might want to forget our exes and some people in our life but there are memories with certain people that we would like to preserve and cherish at a later point in time.


Shryne, an iOS app is one that allows you to store memories. It is not a diary app or a complete back up app. Rather, it helps you preserve your communications online with certain special people in your life. It stores your chats and messages from all kinds of social media and messaging apps that you use to communicate with others in your life. This covers text messages, emails, camera roll photos, Instagram images, and Facebook photos at present. It is expected to expand its services into other apps soon.


If you would like to save special content about your loved ones once and for all and keep them preserved forever, this app is just ideal. It is useful when you wish to record your relationships with those who you spend a lot of time online with. The app comes with a lot of features and is very easy to use. It is where people can easily save important content. It essentially creates a digital archive of all your conversations for you.

With all your private content stored under a single roof, security and privacy emerge as growing concerns. Thankfully, the app developers have satisfactory answers for both. All data stored in the app is encrypted and is stored with high security. It is like a safety deposit box that nobody is allowed to break into. The developers do not look into user data ever. As the company is based in Ireland, there are high legal constraints on the usage of user data.


Shryne app has both free and paid versions available. The free version allows the user to save upto 10 archives with total cloud storage of 250 MB. That is quite a bit indeed. There are two variations to the paid version. The Shryne Plus plan costs $9.99 per year and the Shryne Premium plan costs $19.99 per year. That’s quite reasonable considering the services it has to offer. The app is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 7.1 or later versions.

This app is for people who like to keep things organized and preserve special moments in their life. Once you upload images and texts, it creates a ‘social timeline’ that plays out all your communications and gives you insights into your relationship with a person over the years. With an easy to use interface and assurance of security, this app is just the right one for those who would like to preserve their memories.

Good: Creates a social timeline

Bad: None

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