Slippy Sam: Help Sam Escape The Falling Cages From The Sky

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Getting a fantastic gaming experience is something any ardent game player cannot afford to miss. This mostly occurs when one is trying to play a new and unique game which brings great fascination. This is exactly what the Slippy Sam game is bringing to its users; an unstoppable fun-filled experience. Apparently, the game contains a character named Sam who finds himself entrapped in a critical condition where cages from the sky are befalling on him. He needs urgent assistance that could save him from such a situation. As a player, one is required to take the role of helping Sam out of that condition by escaping the cages which are randomly falling. It is quite a challenging task that the player needs to apply great skills, especially about the accuracy levels.


Understanding the Slippy Sam app

This fantastic game designed and created by Tariq Khan was last updated on 8th May 2016 to improve its overall performance. This involved fixing of bugs issue to ensure that this version 1.5 meets the expected needs of the users when they are playing the game. Currently, this English-based app is highly rated (with a 4+ rating) proving that it has exhibited excellent output. Besides, the users of this app have applauded its fun-filled experience, quality graphic effects, and its unique design. Clearly, it has proven to be a game worth playing!

Compatible Devices For Slippy Sam app game

From the great graphics integrated to the high-quality performance displayed by Slippy Sam game, this is a clear indication that it requires a highly-defined device to support its operations. Thus, the suitable devices that this app can work well with include iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. On the other hand, this app needs iOS 7.0 or any new latest version of operating system for it to deliver exceptional performance.


Getting into the Slippy Sam Game

This is one of the easiest and fun-filled games that one can enjoy playing. At first, the player is introduced to Sam, who needs to be assisted to escape from the random falling cages. The player is required to jump into action and save Sam from such tricky situation by maneuvering across the region while escaping from the falling cages. Hint? For one to succeed, there is a need to apply high speed and right moves keeping in mind that the cages are emanating from the sky!

Here are the amazing features that one will discover the Slippy Sam app game:

Beautifully designed graphics

The entire setup of the graphic effects is quite stunning! It makes the user have a fantastic experience during the gameplay. The cages incorporated appear close to real ones, especially in the dimensional perspective. The colorful themes and display clearly prove that this fantastic game has adopted high-quality formations. Satisfaction is indeed granted!


High-quality soundtrack

Interestingly, the game has integrated high-quality sound effects that emanate from the background. This is meant to keep the player lively and keep the entire session of the gameplay entertaining. Additionally, the music selection perfectly aligns well with the gameplay and the music tones vary depending on the level of the gameplay.

Escape from randomly falling cages

The player needs to guide Sam across the cages that are falling randomly from the sky at close intervals. It is up for the player to apply excellent gaming skills to ensure that character Sam makes it through. This is a challenging task though worth trying!

Simple start button

Surprisingly, the player will realize that this game requires only a touch of a button to get into the game. This is pretty simple! To make it much better, one can pay this game as many times as possible anywhere, anytime without the need for internet connection.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the Slippy Sam app game:


• Easy enough to setup and play

• Captivating and unstoppable game experience

• High quality and entertaining background music

• The graphic effects are unusual and attractive

• A game worth playing all day long!


• Mild performance caused by bugs

• Quite challenging to novice players


Slippy Sam is a true definition of a simple and fantastic game that leaves the player completely fascinated by giving an incredible experience. It has integrated beautiful theme and graphic effects, great soundtrack and the cute character (Sam) which gives the user a real moment playing the game. Being a top-rated game, Slippy Sam app is worth recommendable. Get it today at App Store for free and get into the game!

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