Small Lime App Game:Get Into Adventurous Journey

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A great adventurous experience can be quite fascinating especially when it is expressed in a captivating game. This not only leaves the player overwhelmed with excitement but also make the entire game session worth playing! It is time to get into the game and try out the newly introduced Small Lime app game. Having been perfectly designed by Gilles Tiafvoon, this incredible which was released on 16th August, 2016 comes with an unstoppable experience.

The player takes charge of two amazing assistants from King Lime and enters into the world of discovery and mysterious adventure. Will they make out through the challenging puzzles? This will absolutely depend on the skills and experience applied by the player. Interestingly, the game is pretty simple to play and advance to great quests. Let’s get started!

How the Small Lime game operates

One interesting fact that the user will discover from this amazing game is how pretty easy it is to get into the game. Apparently, this incredible game comes with challenging puzzle at each level that the player needs to unravel in order to proceed to the next levels. The adventurous journey leads to many discoveries where the two assistants need overcome the challenges by using unique powers to overcome different obstacles on the way.

Besides, the player has a chance to develop a new character that is uniquely identified in relation to the power possessed and the appearance. In order to earn bonuses, one can dress the character created and ensure he is evolved to gain powerful features. Clearly, this is an amazing experience which comes along with great earnings gained from the scores obtained.


Compatible devices for the Small Lime app game

This current version 1.0 of the app has been amazingly designed and incorporated high quality features which makes it completely unique. Its ability to deliver exceptional results that meets customers is attributed by its high quality formation. Thus, it requires a suitable device such as iPad, iPhone and iPod in order to efficiently deliver the best. For the operating system, the user will need to adopt iOS 6.0 or any new version available.

Here are the incredible features found in Small Lime app game:

Develop and use completely unique characters

This is a great feature that the user will note from this game. Actually, it allows the user to come up with new unique characters which possess different outlook and power. Interestingly, the newly-created characters may even possess wings for flying and may be of different colors depending on the player’s preferences. This is a feature worth trying!

Challenging puzzles to solve

Apparently, the user will discover that there are numerous challenges that have been integrated within the game. Some of them include matching different balls in order to fully solve the puzzle. The user will be required to apply skills in order to fully complete different levels and proceed with the adventurous journey and meet new quests.

Dress and evolve new character for bonuses

Once the player has created a new unique character, there is a chance to create a perfect outfit for him. Besides, as the new character undergoes evolution (which makes him to gain new powers), the player is able to earn different bonuses. These can be presented in form of earnings or other rewards.

No distraction during play; no ads at all!

The developer of this amazing game has taken into account the concentration factor to ensure that the user gets the best out of it. This is through ensuring that no ads have been integrated into the game. This allows the player to fully focus on the gameplay. This indeed makes the entire gameplay session amazing without any sort of distraction!


A chance to unlock amazing rewards on social sites

Interestingly, this Small Lime app game supports sharing of the experience on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The player stands a chance of winning amazing rewards after playing this incredible game and also sharing it with friends. Besides, the players can compete to prove who the ultimate champion is!

Below are the Pros and Cons identified in the Small Lime app game. Check them out:


· The display is colorful and attractive

· It is quite simple to understand and play

· Great character formation with powerful features

· A fantastic gameplay without distraction from ads

· Absolutely engaging and lively due to many levels present


· Slightly challenging for novice players

· A bit infrequent in performance

Final Verdict

A simple, classic and fun-filled game is just a definite description of this amazing Small Lime app. Clearly speaking, it comes with a captivating experience that makes it absolutely addictive and worth playing. The player has a task of getting into the adventure and solving challenging puzzles in a unique way. This 5-star app game is a must recommend for an ardent game player. Download it today for free at App Store!

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