Snow Time Swipe : Swipe Across Snow To Save Ethan and His Friends

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It is time to embark on a mission of saving Ethan who seems to be trapped and held on the snow together with his friends! This is all about the recently updated Snow Time Swipe game is all about. It actually introduces the player to a world of snow environment which is surrounded by quite a number of obstacles on the way. Will Ethan together with his friends escape the wrath of the consistently moving ice, candy cane traps and other numerous objects? This is quite tricky and this is why they need the urgent help of the game player who can save them from such a situation. Actually, the game offers a challenging experience thus requiring the player to skillfully tackle different obstacles.

Getting to Know Snow Time Swipe app game

The first thing that the user needs to understand about this Snow Time Swipe game is its simplicity when it comes to playing. It just needs one to swipe in the right direction and gets the proper perfect timing! In relation to development, this app is a product of Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard where it has undergone recent updates on June 1st 2016 to incorporate new features and upgrades. This English-based app is currently available in version 2.0 that has proven high quality performance that perfectly meets the players’ demands.


Compatibility level of Snow Time Swipe

It is quite notable that the exceptional level of performance exhibited by this app clearly indicates that it would only work on the best device around. Thus, in order to enjoy the services of this app, the user needs to have iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The user will also be required to have installed iOS 6.0 or

The Operation of the Snow Time Swipe

The game is pretty easy to play; what one is required to keenly understand is how to swipe along the snow and evade different obstacles. Note; the swiping should be conducted in the right direction and at the right time to ensure that player reaches the point where door is unlocked. The door opens up to a new challenging obstacle that the player needs to tackle. Meanwhile, this amazing game comes with different earnings (represented in coins) that the player can gain.


Key Features in Snow Time Swipe game

Tackle new challenges with ease

There are quite a number of challenges that are presented to the player in this game. Starting from the candy can traps to the tumbling ice, the player needs to be swift enough to evade them. This would indeed make one to gather more coins using the newly introduced Daily Prize Wheel feature.

Show the scores to friends

Is the game quite simple to record high scores? If so, there is a chance provided by Snow Time Swipe game that allows the player to interact with friends and discuss their scores. This can be a great chance to improve skills learnt from others.

Apply the stunning powerups

In order to boost and stimulate the level of performance, Snow Time Swipe game comes with three sets of powerups that can be applied. They include; the Snow (freeze) that is capable of temporarily stopping the movement of the avalanche and allows the player to quickly escapes.

On the other hand, the Blue Bottle Powerup takes the invisible role of shielding the player from being seen when making a way across the avalanche. Another interesting power up is the Slow motion (watch) power up which slows down the rate at which the avalanche is moving.

It’s about swiping

The game operational feature is through swiping across the snow as one tries to overcome the obstacles on the way. This feature makes the game user-friendly and quite easy to be played by all.


Check below for the pros and cons of the Snow Time Swipe game:


· Lots of rewards earned during gameplay

· Continuous captivating experience from the game

· Improved features boosts the overall game performance

· Simple to understand and play- just swiping!

· Colorful and well-presented display


· Quite challenging at first for beginners

· Graphics appear to be overly-colored


This top-rated app game (overall rating of 4+) clearly indicates the level of achievement attained by the developers to design this great game. Snow Time Swipe game not only provides a great sense of entertainment but also gives a captivating experience worth getting. Thus as a passionate game player, get this great game at App Store and try to save Ethan together with his friends from avalanche!

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