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Social networking sites have now become the most popular and sought after mode of advertising media. With such huge presence amongst people, they are truly a powerful medium of communication. Therefore, there is also a need to manage and measure efficiently the brand’s social media presence. Social Defender is one such comprehensive social monitoring software that enables companies to effectively monitor the success of their brands. The key features of built-in account management and analytical tools arm the companies with immediate access and critical information on all feedbacks, blogs and reviews posted on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr etc.


The Social Defender performs five crucial functions that are quintessential to measure and control social media reputation management and goodwill amongst people. They are:

MANAGE – It enables managing multiple social website accounts all in the same time with blogs, updates and comments.

MONITOR – It has built in features through which it monitors multiple brands, conducts research on competitors, industries and more.

ENGAGE – The application performs a key function of generating the appropriate response for the target audience in real time and thereby augments the buzz factor of the brand.

ANALYTICS – With its inherent analytical skills, it performs analysis on critical pressure points and generates validated reports based on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

INSIGHTS – It generates future plans on the basis of key insights gained through its analysis and helps in improving the brand value.


The Social Defender application embodies certain unique features that make it unique and critical to the success of various brands. These are:

  • It provides a method to monitor the real time user comments.
  • The application provides an analysis on the customer sentiments and emotions
  • It is capable of assigning jobs and delegating the various tasks to the team members using an effective and efficient workflow module. Thereby it looks after the entire workflow management of the team.
  • It protects and prevents the social media accounts from various spams that might cause a decline in the brand value and have negative impacts on the success of the brand.
  • It has numerous interactive dashboards which provide the means to swiftly address negative or inappropriate comments about the brand.
  • The usage reports generated by the application provide access to vital social media analytics.
  • The most distinct feature is that it enables having multiple team members without having admin access.
  • It provides a means to participate in conversations about the products and brands.
  • The application enables you to have access to your brand and overall customer sentiment.


The Social Defender has numerous plans at varied prices with different specifications to suit different business models. There are 3 basic plans:
1. The Free Plan that provides limited access and helps to manage and monitor 1 brand without any staff allocation.
2. The Silver Plan priced at $19.95 makes it possible to monitor and manage 2 brands, assign 3 team members for a 1 year period.
3. The Gold Plan which is priced at $39.95 and enables to monitor and manage up to 5 brands, assign 5 team members for a 1 year period.

Bottom Line:

With such varied and comprehensive features and functions, Social Defender enables companies to take a confident stride forward when developing new ways to reach their goals and targets!

Apps4Review Rating :  8.5/10

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