SportStreet: For the sports fan in you

by | Mar 26, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

If you are suffering from the recently diagnosed disease called the ‘Fear of Missing out’ but do not have the time to visit the different social networks and spend time individually on each, then the new iPhone app SportStreet is an excellent alternative. You are allowed instant access to all of the top-viewed sites including Youtube, Twitter and Instagram through ‘Team Pages’ teeming with social content.

The launching of this app has been done well in time for sports lovers, just a week before the most-awaited Super Bowl week. Fans that will be following the Super Bowl XLVII have the sumptuous option of following the exclusive Team Pages of their select teams, keeping track of all that happens on the popular social media networks at the same time. SportStreet has so much to offer. There are live in-game chats that anyone can join, read up on the latest news and gossip and keep a close track of the schedules of their teams.

By putting together YouTube, Instagram and Twitter news feeds from respective teams into a single team page, the fans have so much to gain. They can follow action like never before with convenience and ease. You do not have to browse social networks to find fan pages and athletes whom you wish to follow. With the SportStreet app, you get the latest updates and news about your teams on the Team Pages, reducing you a lot of work while also enhancing your sports experience at the same time.

With SportStreet, following your fan teams becomes a social process rather than an individual one. It mingles and brings together fans from various social networks and allows for interaction through chat and Team Pages. Thus, the common binding factor is the love for your sports team and nothing else. Unlike other social networks that are not focused, SportStreet is the first of its kind dedicated solely to the world of sports for the benefit of sports lovers and fanatics. Everything from pictures to game chats to Tweets to videos and other forms are available on SportStreet to establish and maintain a connect between fans of a team.

SportStreet is a free iOS app developed by SportStreet Inc, a leading pioneer in the world of sports. This appp needs iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. It has been specifically optimized for the iPhone 5. The latest version comes with updates on the features of Facebook and with a fixed Sign Up and Sign In. It has been developed keeping the users in mind by keeping it simple and easy to use. The organization of the app is commendable too along with the intuitive user interface.

If you are a sports fan who likes following your favorite team through the day and night and prefer doing so with least effort, then SportStreet is an app that you will thoroughly enjoy and make the most of. SportStreet has been dedicated to the world of sports and fan teams so you can stay updated in all possible ways about your fan teams.

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