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Which is the best way to keep records of an organisation, whether it’s a school, college, company or any other firm? Traditionally, people used to keep a register for keeping the records of their business or organisation. This can work only in schools or colleges to record the presence and absences of children. But, for a bigger organisation where you need to keep records of so many people, this traditional method cannot be used. It’s not easy to manage a staff register manually due to so many reasons.

Firstly, the data may not be fully accurate. Secondly, it takes time as well as money for doing paperwork. Lastly, it’s not safe to keep records in it. So, When we’re living in this digital world and we have so many apps making our job hassle free, then why should we bother?

For all of these reasons, there is a new webapp in the market to manage your staff. It’s known as Staff Manager, which is a staff leave planner and staff management platform for your business. This app lets you manage your staffs details and absences all in one place, without that unnecessary paperwork.
To begin with the Staff Manager, you need to Sign Up which is available for free to try. Later on, it will cost you only £0.50. per user. You can add your staff members and their details using this all in one easy to use platform. This can be done by uploading any documents and other necessary information of the staff such as Start Date/Position/Date of Birth/Gender/NI Number and Address. Thereby, you can customize all the leave types your business requires. Moreover, you need to manage a staff calendar to book and store leave information and monitor excessive unauthorized absences.

Now, the question is how many staff members can you add using this app? Let me confirm you that you can add as many staff members as you require (say 1 to 5000) so that you can easily manage your staff information in an all in one planner. Unlike other holiday planners, Staff Manager provides an easy to use Staff Management Platform where you can easily add your staff, keep all their documents and other data in one place. Moreover, it’s an easy to use holiday planner that you can easily and quickly implement in your business regardless of its size or industry.
Overall, Staff Manager is easy and affordable to use for managing your staff in your business and also, it gives you access to an easy to use leave planner and much more. So you don’t have to worry about all the unnecessary paperwork because now you can stay on the top of your staffs holidays and annual leave with this amazing app! Staff Manager will make a difference for you and your company as a whole!
The Staff Manager app is widely used by a number of companies nowadays! So why not you?

Pros: all in one platform for managing staff; affordable to use; easy and convenient; add as many staff members as you can; store all the relevant information; free trial available.

Cons: none.

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