Storyo Visual Application

by | Mar 4, 2017 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Storyo  is a contemporary visual application that helps you store the best moments in life in the form of pictures. This app lets you share the photo making procedure with your friends to make it immersive experience told from different points of view. The mobile application collects information from all your friends and displays the detail in the form of a flawless video presentation. While this mobile app might only be compatible with ios devices, it does come with outstanding user features and a highly intuitive user interface.

Group video memories

This application lets users develop group videos with exceptional detail by combining images from everyone that enjoyed the moment. All you need to do is to invite the other users to become a part of your story. The application then works to collect all the relevant photos during the time you spend together to create an incredible video experience. It combines these images to give a whole new meaning to your most memorable experiences.

New perspectives in the camera roll

Further lending to the superior group video memory feature is that this application provides new perspectives in your photos. Simply put, this application can recognize the cherishable picnic, ambient dinner or a holiday family meeting among various other types of experiences. In this way, you are guaranteed of a unique video experience each time of your most exciting moments.

Social Network Integration and weather data

Users can also share their unique experiences on the various social network platforms such as Facebook. You can now share your favorite memory experiences with the simple touch of a button. The app does well to help you and other experience the moment by including additional weather information as well.

Shutter stock videos and simple to use design interface

This mobile application also lets you add a unique appeal to your images with some excellent videos that are obtained from Shutterstock. The app comes with smart features that are best suited for your app development needs. Users will also appreciate the simple to use design interface that makes it perfect for the preparation of memory experiences. The interface is feature packed and intuitive enough even for novice users to navigate


  • Social networking features
  • Inclusion of weather data for an immersive experience
  • Smart features to analyze your photo experiences to create one flawless video
  • Users can customize the images with additional effects


  • The storyo app is only compatible with ios

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