Taffy Bounce- The Ultimate Candy Hero Challenge

by | May 22, 2014 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

If you are a fan of the candy called taffy, then this iOS app has been made exclusively for you. Taffy Bounce is an extremely simple game based on a bigger objective that is as clear as ice.

Users have the responsibility of helping the candy prince save his kingdom from destruction. Enter the taffy bounce world and be the ultimate hero. Although it sounds quite usual, there is a twist to the adventure. You have to help the prince by bouncing on pieces of taffy and help him accomplish his goal.

taf1You need to bounce your way unto happiness till u reach the end, where a big surprise awaits you. On your way, make sure that you do not hit the apples or the black birds. You can also get onto the color bird and mount it to speed to the next station in no time. Care must be taken to keep out of the water. Keeping all of these in mind, you got to keep moving forward until you reach the end.

To help you reach the end faster, apply some high school physics and jump far and high. There are many birds which will help you fly farther and faster, except for the black ones.

taf2A unique mix of challenge and fun, Taffy Bounce is highly addictive for people of all ages alike. The user interface is quite candy indeed with easy controls and user friendliness. It is very entertaining indeed and has a lot to offer in terms of killing your time. The graphics are very cute and attractive, adding a unique touch to the user interface. The main character has a childish grin that will lure you into playing the game at all times. The background music creates a perfect ambience and sets the mood just right. It is bouncy and light as is the game.

Once you start playing this game, there are high chances that your friends will find you glued to your iOS device during each and every break you get, even the shortest ones. It is hard to put down indeed. Owing to the simple objective and the mystery surprise at the end, you will wish to keep at it for hours on end. Although the end is not very far, the fun that you have during the journey makes it seem a long distance.

taf3The concept of the game and its implementation are indeed very well done. A good amount of thought has been put into it by the developer Tariq Linjawi. With a great concept, excellent graphics, perfect background music and lots of fun, excitement and entertainment, you couldn’t ask for more from an app. Get ready to get addicted to this candy-licious game.

This iOS app is available in the App Store for $0.99. This is slightly overpriced considering that the game gets slightly repetitive and boring after a while. It also requires iOS 6.1 or higher and is available for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone with an optimization for the iPhone 5.

Good: Perfect background music and cute graphics

Bad: None

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