Tangram- A mobile browser that makes your life easier

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Android Apps | 0 comments

If you are looking for a good mobile browser that makes your work easier, you must try out Tangram. This Android app helps you maximize productivity and minimize time and effort while browsing on your mobile. The app is currently in its early stages and is running in beta mode. It has tremendous scope for mobile enterprises, professionals, knowledge workers and casual users too.


The concept behind the app is pretty basic and simple. Using the same content on your PC and on your mobile are completely different experiences. This is mainly cause of the difference in screen size and the ease of use and convenience. Today, there is a huge internet boom and we all rely on the internet for everything from news to homework to advice to help and more. Most Android users are not comfortable browsing using the current browsers. This is where the idea to develop Tangram came in- guaranteeing productivity and with a good structure and simple design. It is made for those who love to use the web and also love to use their Android phones.


There are 3 main sections in this app that help set it apart from other mobile browsers. The first on this list is ‘Seek and Process’. You can simultaneously browse a number of links while keeping your trail of thought and minimizing actions. Searching and exploring multiple links has been made easier than ever. A number of aspects of this process have been automated so that you do not need to put in much on your end.

The second feature is ‘Analyze and Allocate’. This feature helps you organize, highlight, annotate, group ad capture sites and even complete sessions as per your requirements. To add to the power of the app, it includes analytics for browsing sessions, helping you interpret your data well. The third feature is the ‘Store’ feature. The app was designed such that you can store everything you see. You can store your complete session, take over from where you left off or even begin a new session without losing any data. Everything from the start of your session to its end can be stored for future use.


With all these features, this intelligent and efficient browser can make your life a lot easier. You can manage your information with convenience and speed both. The superb networking features and back-end features help you process, analyse and store all your online information. You can access the web faster than before and the way you like. The intelligent algorithms will display your interactions, store sessions completely and even organize your tabs for you. A few swipes is all you need to handle your information.

With the swipe based GUI, working with Tangram is effortless. The tabs and interactions are automatically organized and taken care of for you. You can set it as your default browser so that links opened in other apps will open in Tangram. Also, there is a FAB on the screen always to process multiple queries at any time. All it requires is Android 4.0 or higher and some need for efficiency in your work.

Good: Intelligent algorithms

Bad: None

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