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by | Aug 28, 2012 | Web 2.0 Apps | 0 comments – Collaboration Made Easy with TeamWox SaaS 2.0

Organization and business go hand in hand. At times, when all else fails to work to get your office organized, using the developing technology can be of great aid at times. TeamWox is an online groupware and collaboration software based on cloud computing and will help your organize your business. You can get quick access to all your documents of all kinds, making the process of downloading, maintaining and accessing them at all times really simple.

There are many other collaboration software available in the market today. But most of them focus only on a few organization factors while TeamWox looks into all the significant aspects of a business, including all that you need. There are four advanced applications and 11 modules to make this the ideal tool for handling your employees to assist you in your business.

The price is quite an advantage in that is takes into account the size of your business. For less than 10 users, the webapp is free with renewal. For larger number of employees, you could check out the trial period for two months and then begin with $3400, which increases with the number of employees.

Each aspect of a business has been covered by a module so that the tool is complete and easy to handle. There is a HR module for collection all your employee information ranging from photo to contact information to paperwork and much more while there are others like  CRM, Document Management and Task Manager that help make the process of collaborating and sharing very effective and efficient. There are also advanced applications available for download in case you need a couple of extra features. There is the latest IP PBX, which forms an excellent system for voice communication

You can keep track of all your contacts with ease, doing away with the tedious traditional spreadsheets. There is a tool for importing contact lists and this software also has email integration. There is, however, a lack in keeping track of the social networking profiles of your employees, printing a map with directions to a person’s address via services such as Google maps. If you want to track many customers in a common group, then TeamWox allows you to follow this by linking a few contacts together to create groups. There is a history function as well to help you recall all that you have been doing lately.

The online customer support through tutorials and FAQs is all you need to help you with this software. If this does not satisfy your question, then you could get your questions cleared via personalized telephone and email. The interface is very simple and intuitive as the navigation is extremely simple and every thing has been labeled neatly.

To sum it up, TeamWox is a great collaboration webapp that will help your organize your employees and customers both. With software that is base don cloud computing, you get access to any document easily at any time, making a task as tedious as collaboration very simple, efficient and smooth.

Web Application Link : TeamWox SaaS 2.0

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