Timetastic Web App for Efficient Leave Management

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Timetastic Web App for Efficient Leave Management

When we want to plan in for any vacation or any casual leaves, when you know them in advance, then it very much essential that we should inform our manager or whoever who is in charge for approving your leave, well in advance because they will make adjustments to their plans accordingly. But, when it comes to applying for leave and managing them and to keep track of who is going on leave, the exact time and duration so that they can avoid clashes, it is very essential that they keep track of it by some means or the other.

Traditionally they used to use wall charts, calendar markings, maintaining a excel sheet for this purpose, send letters for leave requests and many such things like that. Large organizations will have a much defined system for all this tracking but the software will be very expensive, but what about small organizations which are even more dynamic with a very charged workforce. Timetastic is a web app which will help you to keep easy track of holidays and helps you to make effective plans for the work to be completed in time.

Info on how to get started with the app and also its unique features:

Timetastic.co.uk is a very simple, easy to use and effective holiday planner web app for the business organizations. A very effective way to manage the leaves of the staff, and helps you to get rid of all the paper work and the traditional wall charts. In order to get started with this Holiday planner all you need to do is to sign up in their website with your Name, email, your company, number of annual leaves, the holiday year start. Then you can add your staff members, you are free to add the departments in your office, the type of leave (sick leave, maternity leave, casual leave, annual leave, meeting, paternity leave) and many other new type of leaves. You can also delete the list of common or free holidays which is not applicable to your organization; you can also add or create a new bank holiday.

In this web app you can add the new staff by entering their name and the number of leave details. When you want to book the holiday all you need to do is to select the from and to date for your holiday and the type of holiday you wanted to avail, then click the book it button, the app will automatically send the leave request to your boss. There is also option for you to book half day leaves. You can keep track of all the holidays through your y calendar option, there is also a wall chart option where you will be able to keep track of the entire staff leave plan and also to get a quick overlook of the details.


Timetastic is an extraordinary web app which relieves the stress from the managers so that they can easily keep track of the holidays in a more efficient way. Also, you can use this app in your mobile as well. This web app can be used for free, which is indeed a great benefit for the organizations.

Web Application Link :  https://www.timetastic.co.uk/

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