Tiny Owls Free – A Beautiful Escape

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Tiny Owls Free – A Beautiful Escape

What’s so special about the games that they have such a high impact on the world? Maybe it’s the breath-taking real world suspense or those action packed features which make you feel much powerful for the time being. But for me, the first and most important thing is the graphics. Anyone would like to see that fantasy world that’s never been seen before. And if it accompanies with high quality gaming, what else to look for! May be that’s why our app for today is gaining a lot of applause in the market.

Tiny Owls Free is an iOS app that has been developed by games2be for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It requires iOS version 3.2 or later. The concept of the game is that you have to find all the lost tiny owls and guide them safely to the exit. But what kind of a memorable journey would that be without some turns and twists! There are monsters that you have to escape from. Also, the wings of the owls are very fragile; so you have to keep them away from the walls otherwise a single touch and their wings will die out.

What makes this app really addictive is its rich 3D graphics and game play. You will just love to live that colorful fantasy world and it was just an amazing experience guiding them through those narrow passages. It was clear that a lot of effort has been put in by the developers in the designing of this app. There are unique backgrounds for each level and we must say, it was more impactful than the actual gaming concept and for a moment, you will feel happy to be just staring at them. With one-touch and tilt controls, the gaming experience just enhances to the fullest. The game also fully supports the new iPad Retina display.

The game is available in two versions; one free and other paid. Paid version is available for $0.99. While the free version consists of 15 different levels, the count grows to 60 in paid version. The levels are designed for both children and adults and are thoroughly enjoyable.

We really loved the game and there is no point of discussion on that. The game is rated 4+ on the App Store and that proves the point how worthy is to buy that one. However, we must have liked the actual gaming part to be a little more advanced. The pace of the game was a little bit slow and sometimes, adults will find it boring. Other than that, you will not regret your decision to buy the game at all. It is perfect for small children.

It is a constant-going game with rich and colorful graphics. Get ready for some adventure in this super-natural world of fantasy!

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