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Are you searching for a great app that will help you effectively manage your health? Do you need to work on your eating habits intelligently using an app? If you need an app to track your health, then this article has all the answers to your questions. There are many iphone apps for managing health that is available on the market, which makes it hard to choose the best from the rest. Tobi is an app that makes it easy for users to manage their health easily while having fun. It helps them to track their calories, medications and your medical appointments.

Features of Tobi app and their benefits to users

-RX medication Tracker

This is a feature of this app that helps users to know the medication schedules of their family members or loved ones. It helps them to ensure that their loved ones do not miss any of their medical appointment or fail to take prescribed drugs on time.

-User-friendly Interface

Tobi app has a dynamic but simple model that can easily be understood by all its users. It helps users to track how their loved ones are responding to medication and sharing tasks. It makes it easier for users to take good care of their loved ones.


It helps users to obtain daily updates on the health of their loved ones by connecting them to caregivers.

-Health Tracker

It helps you to monitor important health elements of your loved ones like blood pressure, sleep and weight. It helps users to know when to take the prescribed drugs.


The app does not share your information with third parties meaning that it is safe and secure. Nobody can access your health information without prior permission.


Tobi app has a calendar that helps users to track the date of their next medical appointment. It helps them to be consistent with their medication schedule.

Advantages of Using Tobi app to manage your health

 -Helps users manage your health data

The app stores all your vital health data is stored in one place and this makes it easier for you to refer information faster.

-Makes monitoring of your health to be easier

It helps you to collaborate effectively with your caregivers and thus enhances monitoring of health progress to be easier.

Help users to manage their medical appointments

The app has a reminder that keeps patients on track about their next appointments. This helps them to attend all the appointments as scheduled and enhances their recovery.

Easier to use

The app has an interface that is simple to understand and makes data retrieval much easier. Users are able to look at a glance at medical reports and thus help them to take the necessary corrective actions.


There are no disadvantages that have been associated with the use of the Tobi health app.

Final Verdict

From my experience using the Tibo health app, I can recommend it to anyone who wishes to track the health status of their loved ones or family members. This is one of the best wellness apps that are available on the market today.

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