Trail of Shadows; Get Adventurous Experience By Unfolding Puzzles

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For any game player who is ready to experience a thrilling adventurous moment that involves a serious of unraveling mysteries, then the Trail of Shadows is the game to absolutely play. The first impression from the game is utterly dazzling and the player is introduced to a completely mysterious world with puzzles to solve. Every detail in this game accounts and the player need to critically examine them in order to perfectly make it through successfully. This starts from the blurred images, memories and different expositions that are displayed in front of the player.The player is required to create an interconnected series of dots in order to create mysterious images.

Actually the game is a total adventure in-waiting where the main purpose that the player needs to achieve is to run away and escape from the mystical structures that one is entrapped within. High skills and consistent attention are paramount here! This is because one can easily uncover different tips, clues and even hints that may be blurry displayed on the screen. This can ultimately become the breaking through of overcoming such mysterious circumstances. Generally, is a top rated game that possesses amazing graphical display and gives the player a fantastic experience that is totally captivating! It is worth trying to boost the brain’s thinking capacity.


Compatibility Devices For Trail of Shadow App Game

This amazing app game that was recently updated on 22nd May 2016 has great quality formation that makes it to work effectively on highly defined devices. For now it is well compatible with android devices with great capabilities (from 4.4 or any latest version). Its performance will slightly vary depending on the type of the android device.

How Trail of Shadows game app operates

Having being designed by the X App Studio Group, this version 1.0 of the app is quite simple for the player to operate and enjoy the game with great pleasure. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, the player can immediately start playing the game. It actually doesn’t need any add-ons in order to make it worth playing.

Getting into the game

If there is a game that leaves the player glued on the screen trying to unravel obscured puzzles, then Trail of Shadows is the ultimate choice! The player is introduced to a puzzling experience where there is need to apply the point-and-click technique in order to unravel the mystery behind them. This will ultimately enable one to evade the structures surrounding the player.


Below are amazing features encountered within this great game. Have a look at them:

Numerous secrets and puzzles to unravel

Apparently, this is one of the interesting games that give the player an incredible opportunity to unravel quite a number of hidden secrets and puzzle. The player will escape from the entrapped area only after solving such mysteries and discovering way out!

Explore three adventurous areas

The Trail of Shadows app game has integrated three alternative areas where the player can choose from them to undertake exploration. Each area offers a unique setting of environment with different mysterious structures.

The soundtrack is amazing

As a player, one will be absolutely fascinated by the quality of the soundtrack that emanates from this incredible game. It is clear and audible and aligning well with the purpose of the game.

Classic and high quality interface

This is an interesting feature that gives a great and colorful displaying relation to the graphic effects that have been adopted in this game. Its high quality formation that comes along with high resolution power brings close reality while playing the game.

A great mysterious structure

In the game, the player will encounter strange and mysterious structure (lore) that one might be entrapped within it. There is great need to be attentive in order to escape from such traps or even find out effective solutions when trapped within them.

Here are clearly evident pros and cons identified from this amazing game:


· High quality design- great graphics

· Performance is absolutely fantastic

· A new unique experience offered is great

· It enhances brain thinking performance

· Absolutely captivating and intriguing


· Requires great patience to master its techniques

· Slightly challenging to novice players

Final Verdict

Trail of Shadows is a top rated game that awaits players who are ready to engage their experience and skills in unraveling mysterious puzzles. Will the player make a well formulated escape from the immersive structures? This is until one has taken a chance to get this game and prove that ability. The game is ready for download at Google Play for free. Don’t miss that adventurous experience!

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