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Each one of us aims for bigger things in life. One of the things on our bucket lists is peace of mind. The iOS app TranquilityTV helps achieve exactly this. It releases high definition films with music in order to help reduce stress and pressure. At present, it is also being used as a prescription for stress relief.

tran1Initially, the app was available only for the healthcare industry at rehab centres, clinics, hospitals and other such facilities. In these centres, relaxation is one of the key elements to fast recovery and healing. The app saw tremendous response from patients, professionals and all those related to them both directly and indirectly. Hence, the app was then released for general use to the public. The mobile app was developed after about 7 whole years of research and data collection from the best medical facilities where the app was implemented.

The iOS app is intended in the direction of the general well-being of the public. The mobile app is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, requiring iOS 6.0 or higher. It serves as a powerful tool to reduce the levels of stress and bring about a positive state of mind. It is an effective solution to the stress problem.

The TV channel runs through the day and the night, screening relaxing films alongside soothing music. It increased its scope from only medical patients to the general public. All the scenes as well as the music have been thus designed so as to provide the highest amount of relaxation. They have been scientifically designed to do so. Visible effects are a lowering of blood pressure, reduced heart rate, induction of theta brain waves, which indicate tranquillity, and reduced muscle tension. The overall effect is like that of a massage, but for the brain. It also can provide ambient sounds, which have the effect of lulling one to sleep. By doing so, it reduces the work for professional doctors and caregivers.

tran2The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It allows users to select between four 15 minute shows present in its library. To avail of more individual shows, users are required to purchase them for an introductory offer price of $1.99 per show. While the first few shows can be delightful, the minimal number of available shows in the free version can be a bit of a disappointment.

Considering the busy and hectic lifestyle prevalent today, relaxation and tranquillity have been gaining priority in people’s lives. Incorporating it as a part of our daily lives is one of the secrets to a good and healthy life. The method has been proven to reduce stress, soothe patients and make life more comfortable scientifically.

If you are engaged and entangled in the busy humdrum of daily life, it would indeed do you some good to take out some time for your own self and spend it in relaxing both your body and your mind. TranqulityTV will sure help you achieve the same in the best possible manner.

Good: Proven to have relaxing effects scientifically

Bad: The free version has very little to offer

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