Tricky Tower App Game: An Incredible Tower Building Experience

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There are numerous puzzler games that an individual can come across. The experience actually differs in most cases due to the unique nature of the quality of each game played. However, there is such a game that will always bring great radiance to an individual’s memory; this is due to its captivating nature, its incessant wonderful experience and the quality formation applied. One such game that had been most anticipated is absolutely the Tricky Towers. This game which was recently unveiled on 20th June 2016 is a major hit as it comes fully packaged to give the user unstoppable gaming experience that is worth trying. The developer (Marcus Dobler Applications UG (haftungsbeschränkt)) has integrated essential components which make this 3D game unique and outstanding when it comes to puzzle solving.


How the Tricky Towers game works

Having been designed perfectly for its users, this amazing game has adopted user-friendly techniques that make it quite simple to operate. It has actually integrated a one-finger control button to enable the user to easily navigate through the rotatable field when building the tower. In this great game, the user is exposed to two unique modes of play to choose from;

· The mission mode introduces the player to a series of challenges and tasks that need to be completed in a given time. It is meant to test on the skills of the player in solving different levels of puzzles.

· The Endless mode comes with a unique approach which introduces the player to an unrestricted time frame. The player is allowed to competitively engage with other players in gaining high scores and getting crowned the ultimate winner.

Languages Available for Tricky Towers game

Since its recent release, this version 1.0 of Tricky Towers game has stretched its accessibility to quite a number of most spoken languages. Such languages comprise of Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Dutch, English, German, Russia, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese and Japan.


Suitable Devices For Tricky Towers app game

At first, one will discover that this great app needs an efficient operating system to assist it in undertaking its tasks in the best way possible. Thus it the most effective operating system is iOS 9.0 or any latest version available. On the other hand, compatible devices applied should also exhibit consistency and reliability both in performance and output delivery. These devices include iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Apparently, users can also use Apple TV to play this great game.

Distinct Features For Tricky Towers

Some of the uniquely identified features found in Tricky Towers include:

Up to 27 trophies to be crowned

This is a great exposure for the player to display high quality skills and speed in order to grab such amazing rewards and earnings. Who doesn’t want to be crowned the ultimate champion? Keeping that in mind, one needs to put the required effort to go with such trophies.

Challenging missions to encounter 

The player is introduced to a series of graduating missions that becomes challenging as one advances across levels. Each mission is meant to give the user a new learning experience to boost up the required skills for the game.

Get on top of highscore list

It is time to prove for the player to prove the skills and experience gained from Tricky Towers app game are exceptional! This can be displayed on the Endless mode where one competes with opponents to see who ultimately tops the list with high scores.


Tasks to be accomplished

Apparently, when the player is undertaking different missions, each of them comes with a unique set of tasks to be accomplished. However, the entire process is not a joyride since the player is exposed to obstacles that come along. For instance, the spell cast from opponents that destroy the tower.

Charge up power with boosters

The mission might appear quite tough and the time set is running out quite quickly. There is no need to worry. Use the boosters to rejuvenate the power that can assist in completion of the mission within the stipulated time. Don’t miss to try this out!

What are the Pros and cons experienced in this amazing game?


· Pretty simple to play- the 1-finger control feature

· Captivating and lively when playing

· Animations and classic design makes it unique

· Boosters highly improve on performance

· Two modes of gameplay brings great exposure


· Mild performance with time

· Not convenient for areas with low network

Final Verdict

A game that brings great pleasure, excitement and a unique experience is indeed worth playing! These are distinct features that are evident in this incredible Tricky Towers game. It is a true definition of a classic and high quality game that has integrated quality graphics, animations and displayed great performance aimed at giving the player the best. This makes it not only a game worth playing but also worth downloading for convenient play. Why not get it today at App Store? Don’t miss that moment!

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