Ubirimi : Project Management Simplified

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A manager plays a central role in a company. He ensures that the flow of work is smooth and that each employee works to the bets of his abilities, while also keeping his boundaries in mind. The task is not as easy as it sounds indeed. Coordinating a team of about five people and making sure that you follow everyone and have them work under you to produce best results is quite trying.

To help manage all of this, project management apps come to the rescue. They help keep a tab on each employee and give you a good clear picture of the whole scenario. Among the many in the market, Ubirimi has carved its place in this niche. This web app comes with five different apps to look into various areas. These are Agile, Documentador, Events, Svn and Yongo.

Agile helps you by planning out all the many issues, defects, tasks and the like. You can prioritize amongst them and then look into each individually. All issues being worked upon or temporarily suspended are managed by this part of the app.

Documentador serves the purpose of managing and creating content. Create your own content, ranging from videos to plain text to colorful images and add it to your home page to make t interactive and user-friendly. Update your home page so that all your customers be well informed of what your company is up to. The editor is pretty much like the traditional editor. No surprises there.

The Events part acts as your calendar, reminding and notifying you about all the latest events through email notifications. To increase work efficiency, you can share these events with members of your team.

The Svn hosting section provides limitless space for the employees of your company. The number really doesn’t feature on their list. No matter how big your organization is or can get, it always has enough space for just everyone. Each user gets a personalized login with a unique username, password and varying permissions for them. So, let the growth go on unbound.

Now, coming to the last section- Yongo. This acts as the dashboard or the interface. You can view each project that is still in action and what issues have occurred related to it. There is a chart mapping the issues created against the issues solved, helping you gauze where you presently stand on a given project. Provided you have the permissions, creating a new project or a new issue is extremely simple.

Ubirimi comes with a free demo to take you on a tour of what this app has to offer to you. Various areas of concern are covered. There is a free trial for a surprising 90 days, allowing you to fully judge the benefits of this app. The prices for registered users aren’t very steeply placed either. They have been kept quite moderate to be honest. You can begin with 10 users for $10/ month and then move on to $1000/month for an unlimited number of employees.

The dashboard has a clean professional design and interface. The editor is easy to use and adapt to. Calendars are extremely easy to import. The hosting for unlimited number of users actually works. And the free trial is fabulous. What more could you ask for from a project management app.

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