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Hadn’t it been amazing if you had a proof to show to your about-to-be girlfriend that you’ll never cheat her and that you’ve never cheated on anybody before as well! Honesty with a proof is all what everybody wants, but it’s pretty rare to find. Now let’s take another example but in a commercial way. Suppose you give guitar tuitions and a new student comes to you for coaching. But as he sees the classroom empty, he feels to rush away but just for the sake of coming this far, he asks you, “How many students do you have”? Now if you just tell him a decent number and show him some of their photographs as well, then he’s very much likely to stay. But it’s not always that someone comes and asks you about your performance so far. He’ll just come, take a look around and walk away if he doesn’t find something interesting.

In case of websites, we call this “social proof” and Userstats ( has took the initiative to introduce it to the website owners. A social proof is nothing but some statistics of your website shown on one of the pages so that if a new user comes to your website who doesn’t know about your publicity may not go unknown. Many times the user comes and thinks that the website is new and not much of use for now. This is a loss for the website owner as well as the user because he gets lesser options. This is what Userstats will prevent.

Userstats has some widgets which can be embedded to any of your website page by just pasting a code. These tools can be different for different websites and you can customize and preview them before installing. Now suppose you run an e-commerce website. So there will be widgets showing the average orders per day you receive or the number of unique customers you have to show your customer base. These stats will influence your customers in the right manner and also give them a positive impression about your services.

Now, you’ll have a better chance of turning a new visitor into a regular customer. This conversion rate is all the difference between an established company and a starting one. If you’re able to change that, you’re already on the other side of the story.

Using Userstats is as easy as pasting a code on your webpage. Customization allows you to match it perfectly with your website. Talking about the pricing, then there is a free plan available as well. But the game is about the number of impressions and the more they are, the higher the price goes. So while you have 1000 impressions per month in the free plan, if your website scores more than that then there are plans starting from $18/month going up to $299/month. So make sure you check out this app because it’s certainly going to change your thinking.

Pros: simple to install; customizable; suitable for any website; for a better conversion rate; free plan available.

Cons: none.

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