VIPet Book : Easy Pet Management

by | Jan 23, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Recently I found a new app in the app store called VIpetBook. Of course pet apps aren’t new in the store, but this app takes pet management into a new level. This is an app for iphone and ipad brought to you by Loannis Kousis which goes well above just tracking important dates. It is designed to keep all the information about your pet.
It is an easy to manage app. You can keep records of a large number of pets. It is also very much easy to navigate through the app even if you have a large database. This is a very good app for the vets, groomers and animal shelters. Developer has made the app very flexible for everyone, be it owner of pet or vets.



There is loads of features in the VIPetBook app. Each and every feature is going to help you a lot. Most importantly you are going to keep all the records at one place. So no need to manage different apps for different needs.

#The best part about VIPetBook is its not just limited to cats and dogs. You can add other animals, like fish, birds, reptiles and rabbits, as well. You can add information into the database if your pet is not already listed there.


#Another great feature is the ability to import and export the pet information between devices in order to easily synchronize the app data. You can easily print and export everything in HTML and XML format. It is incredibly handy. You can also create a paper copy of your pet records or mail the database content in HTML or XML format.

#You can link each pet to a set of album, photos and a set of contacts. Yo can keep a brief record about your pet. And if you are a professional this feature is really going to help you a lot.

#You can retrieve cost by category for a pet or group of pets periodically and keep track of your expenses. You can also have an estimation of future cost to be incurred. Based on the cost report you can make your budget for the coming period.

#You can keep track of all the life events. So now you can remember all the events occurring throughout the life of your pets. You can also set reminder of their birthdays and celebrate with them.

#You can keep track of vaccinations, parasites control, health issues, medicines given, examination and surgeries, nutrition management and accessories. All of these supported by the internal database.



#The only concern about this app is its price. It will cost you $ 5.99 to purchase the app.

With all these great features present in the app, pets management is made very easy. VIPetBook is a must have app for anyone who has pets to keep track of important records. It’s a very flexible app and any one can use it.

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