Welcome To The World Of Blocks: A Game For Every Age

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Welcome To The World Of Blocks: A Game For Every Age

The world of Blocks is a game devised by WB Soft LLC available only at iTunes. This game, set in the beautifully colorful world of Elivion, is all about the triumph of good over evil eventually leading to the good soul getting the crystal as the ultimate prize. The crystal is a very prized possession for it carries within it the ability to spread happiness all around if and when it falls into the hands of the right person. But in case it falls in the hands of a wrong person, it can bring about chaos and confusion in an otherwise peaceful world.

In order to protect this crystal from being misused, the mighty Atlantes had broken up the crystal into many tiny parts and hidden them in different parts of the world which were also the quietest. Atlanta is one such place where a few pieces if this crystal are supposed to be hidden. It is this reason that has managed to whet Vargus’ desire to posses these fragments making him come to Atlanta in search of the same.


  • The fate of this crystal lies in the hands of the player who is assisted in his quest of saving Elivion from the clutches of Vargus by a group of followers loyal to the crystal and consequently Elivion.
  • This group of loyal followers consists of, Franky who is a flying gun with intelligent eyes, Speedy who is small, agile and as light as a feather, Meedy who is naughty yet a middleweight champ, Biggy, the heart and soul of the group, is a fellow weightlifter who is always merry, Frosty who is always careful for he thinks that even the columns can be extremely slippery, Sticky who is always gruel but can also be of use at times.
  • The player has the choice of playing 65 levels in six different yet mysterious locations along with his faithful friends.
  •  Each level transmits you to the next and all transmission systems are unlike each other i.e. they are unique in their challenges and goals.

  • The basic theme itself requires exotically created locales and stunningly beautiful sets designed to hold the player’s interest throughout the game.
  • With soothingly appropriate music playing in the background, the World of Blocks is a game worthy of spending money and buying.
  • This game is compatible with iphones, ipads as well as iPod touch and requires an i-operating system which is of 4.3 or later version.
  •  It is available in four languages of English, French, German and Russian.

Summary: It was launched very recently on the 30th of Sept 2012 and managed to get a rating of 4+ out of 5 proving beyond doubt that it is a riveting game to download and play online. It is an engaging game for all ages of gamoholics.

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