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The most difficult thing in managing work force is not only delegating work but ensuring the delegated work is scheduled well for effective and timely completion. Further, delegation of work could be more difficult when it involves work in multiple locations. Scheduling of work also needs real time decision making to review schedule based on availability of work force and task deviation. Thus, if you are one who is running or planning to start a business with varied work force which requires real time decision making, then, WhenIWork’s employee scheduling software is the best choice for you. WhenIWork’s employee scheduling software offers you mobility and flexibility in managing your work force efficiently.

About Scheduling Software:

Employee software is fast and easy to use; the software gives you complete mobility as it is available both as a web application and mobile application. Thus you are always connected to your workforce at any time in any place. The software provides a virtual office space where in employees, shift leads and managers can communicate with each other promptly. The owner of the account holds complete access to the software and as per the duty of the employee the respective portfolios are provided with privileges limiting their access in the software.

Manager Privileges:

Starting up with the application one has to include all the employees available with your firm, update their contact details including email address and their location. While scheduling shift for your firm one can assign a particular shift to all the employees and also their portfolios in your firm like manager, shift leads etc. The software is intelligent as it offers privileges to employees as per their position. Now that’s logically right, an employee can’t assign shift to another employee, an employee can take a shift off on his own, and employee can’t transfer his shift on his own. Thus, a manager has complete control on the scheduling and delegation of shift and task. All shift timings are provided with specific color codes which reinforce the assigned schedule in the minds of the employees. Scheduling can be done for an entire week, including open shifts and repetitive schedule can be saved as templates.

Employee Privileges:

If you are an employee you will love the software as it promptly notifies your manager about your overtime work and choice of open shifts. As an employee, you can split your shift, drop shifts, and take time-off but after prior approval of your managers. You can even change your hourly rate and intimate shift choice prior to scheduling. The notification panel gives detailed status of all the requests sent by the manager and employees with specific colored icons. An employee can also specify availability options notifying to the manager.

Try it today!

The application can even be linked to non-android phones as text alerts can be sent to the employee and the manager through text messages also. Even if you are an international user the alerts are sent using email to SMS feature as most of the mobile phone service providers assign a specific email address to their mobile numbers. The complete data can be extracted in the format as required by you as a manager of the account both in CSV and XLSX format. The software can be tried free for 60 days and can be cancelled at any time. So do not hold back go to your office on the go anywhere and anytime with WhenIWork’s employee scheduling software.

Apps4Review Rating :  7.5/10

Web Application Link :  http://wheniwork.com

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