Why you must get KidzWorld iPhone App for your child

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Keeping your children busy is an extremely difficult task. But in this modern age, there are many alternates that can keep your child occupied for a good time. We aren’t talking about TV or social media, instead an application that is specially meant for children. Kidzworld iPhone App is the latest iOS app that is compatible with iOS 7 or more and can be installed in all major iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and so on. But what’s so good about this app? Just keep on reading.


Just when you thought that your child is spending too much time on Facebook or Twitter, this app is the right way to get your child connected with his childhood. The application is safe for use by young children and is almost designed like the famous social networking website. But is it unique and helpful? Well, yes! For instance, unlike other online platforms, this application is safe for children, which means you won’t have to worry about them accessing any other website(s) that you won’t want them to. Since the interface of the application is extremely easy to use, the children can navigate.


What is Kidzworld iPhone App all about?
Ideally meant for children, the application caters to younger kids who are looking for a single platform to meet new friends, chat with them and discuss new topics. It is not just a networking application, but it also hosts several exciting games. This application can be thought of as a lesser known Facebook, but for kids.
Launched just recently, the application has been made available for the following devices:
• iPad
• iPad mini
• iPhone – 5, 6 and 6 plus
• iPod touch

The application requires the device to have iOS 7 or the later version.

Now let’s focus on the cool exciting features that are specially designed for the kids.

1. Profile needs to be maintained by signing up with the app.
2. Friends can be made by sending them request. Similarly, new requests can be managed by the friend request page.
3. A separate tab (or page) for notifications enables the users to keep a track of all the notifications.
4. Children can like, comment, chat and discuss with their friends or other members.
5. There are separate tabs in tile forms which feature options such as advice, games, forum and music etc.
6. The Kidzworld news forum showcases all the latest news from around the world such as celebrity news, games, movies etc.


Now let’s see at the good points of this app:
1. It is free for download and available for all iOS devices.
2. It has easy to use interface, which is a plus point for children.
3. It has various features for children of different age group.
4. The features consist of various fields that are of ideal child-interest.
5. Children can make friends and play games.

And now, the bad points:
1. It is a standard version gimmicking a Facebook like interface.
2. The app feels more like a mobile website.
3. There are ads in some sections, which can redirect to other browser or apps.
4. It is not meant for specific age group of children, hence you can’t hand over the application to a 5 year old child.
5. The game section is ok. Albeit, one can download free games on iPad to keep children busy, if it is so.

Conclusion: Giving a final word on Kidzworld iPhone app right now would be difficult as the application is still in its infancy. However, the app is free to use and still has some decent features. We can hope to see more useful features in the app in the future.

Worth Having App – Download the app

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