Wiper Messenger- Not just another messenger app

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Wiper messenger is yet another entry in the list of messengers available for the iOS. It’s another secure and easy to use messaging app. there are so many other messaging apps like SnapChat, Wickr, Confide, etc. already in the market. So why choose Wiper? In this review, we will answer exactly that question for you.


Wiper Messenger is a combination of the best features of Wickr, WhatsApp and SnapChat- all combined into a single app. To begin using the app, you will be prompted to enter your phone number or email address to create an account or log in using your Facebook account. Once this is done, you will see three tabs on the home screen- Chats, Contacts, Films and More. Let’s look at them one by one in detail.


The Chat interface is very indicative and easy to use. You need to select a contact from your contact list to get started with a chat. It borrows from the dual checkmark system popularly used by WhatsApp. One tick means that the message has been delivered and two ticks mean it has been read. There is a time stamp with each message. At the top of each chat, there is an indicator to show if the contact is online.

Besides just sending messages, you can send pretty much all kinds of media. You can send videos, photos or text messages. All of these are highly encrypted to ensure security. The app also allows you to make free HD calls over the internet. The call quality depends on that of the internet connection. Even the calls are highly encrypted and secure. You can even recode voice or video messages and send it across the app. If you take a screenshot of the chat, your friend will get to know.


The Wiper app gets its name from the “Wipe” feature. This is one neat and cool feature that will come in handy for sure. The minute you click the wipe button, the entire conversation is erased not only from your own local phone but also from the device of the person you are chatting with. In addition, it is also wiped out from the Wiper Messenger servers. No traces are left behind whatsoever. The messages are deleted only when either you or your friend want them to.

The Contacts tab has a list of all the Contacts on your iOS device. These are neatly segregated into those that have a Wiper account and those that do not. You are given the option to invite friends to use the app. Additionally, you can add new contacts through the app.

The Films tab is where you can access hundreds of independent films daily. You have to subscribe to the Wiper Film- a $4.99 per month subscription to access these. You can then view movies on your Apple TV from anywhere. There is an inbuilt BitCoin wallet that you can use to get unlimited access to videos and music. The Wiper Film works on a revenue share basis where the film makers are paid through their Bitcoin wallet directly.

Good: Wipe feature, Wiper Film

Bad: None

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