Word Poker Live Free – A Simulated Gambling Game Increases Your Vocabulary

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Word Poker Live Free – A Simulated Gambling Game Increases Your Vocabulary

‘Invention’ is the theme for today and once again iPhone App Store presents a novel invention of the creative minds at Graphite Fusion. And the resulting app is Word Poker. The game poker not only attracts gamblers but tempts even the most naïve of minds since the central poker concept is ideal for all people having low IQs to extraordinary IQs. The equality of chance amongst all players is kept up. For example, if you get good cards, you can strategize and play to your strengths, if not you can always get creative and bluff! Word Poker is different in the sense that the player gets to play with alphabet cards, with each card bearing the number of points it signifies. Yes I can already hear you say ‘Scrabble!’ Each alphabet card bears a specific set of points based on the frequency of it usage in English words.

How the game is played

The dealer opens five cards on the pot. With the three cards that we have and the dealer’s cards, we must form a word that calculates to the highest points. When we choose to reveal our cards, we must type in the word that we had in mind. The rest of the actions like call, check, raise and fold are played s it is in the original game.

The following comprise the highlights of Word Poker

  • Multiplayer online game with simulation of gambling
  • Player customizations (like avatar, display names) and personal choice of tables
  • By default we will be given $15000 to bet. For bets more than that, we can buy chips starting from $0.99 for $30000
  • Clear view of the players and their bets on the table and based on this information, we are able to fold, call, check or raise accordingly
  • At any point we can stand up or leave the game
  • The better we play, more achievements get unlocked
  • Installable on iOS 4 and above

Word Poker is the perfect game to be downloaded for your kids without worrying about the fact that it is a gambling game. The gamble and bidding over the words that they can form increases their confidence in their vocabulary. It is a very fun way to learn words. This game absolutely induces the role play feel. The feeling that you are actually sitting on a poker table in Caesar’s Palace and placing bets in the range of $1000 is just ‘wow’ to start with and it only gets better progressively.

It is a free app that can make you engrossed in it for hours together. It’s instant install onto iPad, iPhone, iTouch or on any device with iOS 4 and above makes it portable and really fun when on-the-go. The best thing about Word Poker is its game play that neither endorses violence nor is it adult oriented. It is completely about vocabulary and in the absence of a good hand, it is about strategy via bluffing. So this app is a must-try-out for all the gamble freaks out there!

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