Word Winder HD : When Your Dictionary Runs Short of Words

by | Nov 12, 2012 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Do you like playing around with words? Have you ever tried your hands on Scrabble? It is really exciting to take out some words out the pot and mix them to get something meaningful. Well, if you do scratching your mind for those confusing solutions, you must have heard of David L Hoyt, the most syndicated puzzle maker in America. The man has some popular games associated with him like Jumble, USA Today, etc. But what he has recently created is considered the most amazing word puzzling app in the world to the date. Let’s see the hand crafted marvel of the best sculptor of the time.

We have the new iPad app, Word Winder HD that has been developed by Adveractive. The app is compatible with iPad only and requires iOS 4.3 or later version. It will be interesting for you to know that all the puzzles in the app have been completely designed by David. So, we bet this one can’t go off air for a long time.

The app is a combination of a total of 4 puzzles and 6 games. There are both single as well as multiplayer options available. The four games are: Founder, Frenzy, Challenge and Round up Frenzy. While Founder is very similar to a crossword including a word grid from which letters have to be found to answer the clue, Frenzy asks you to collect 3-6 letter words of your own choice from the given grid. All the games are time bounded so one has to be fast and smart to get a good score.

All of them are very addicting, but the one we found to suit our taste was the Challenge one, especially in multiplayer mode. In the Challenge mode, you have to make words out of the grid and connect them to each other such that you connect either the top of the grid to the bottom or the left to the right. But in multiplayer mode, it gets a little bit twisted due to two cunning minds going hand to hand on the same grid and fighting it out to make it first. So, you can build your own wall and on the same hand, block the other player from completing his own. Up to 3 players can join at a time.

The game comes for free with 20 puzzles in total, 5 for each mode. But looking at the addiction pattern being followed till now, you’ll need in-app purchase pills to calm you down which are available at $0.99 for each mode and $1.99 for the essentials collection of 200 puzzles. The app also comes with pre-installed Merriam-Webster Dictionary to check out for cheating and correct spelling. This way you are learning words and spellings without any effort. Then you got game centre and achievements to match up your score with other competitors.

The game is really addictive. One can’t afford to miss this one out. Even if you haven’t played any word game before, this one is really easy to pick up and start but equally difficult to stop. Though, we missed the online action.

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