Wordistic: Test your Lexicographic Skills

by | Mar 25, 2014 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

If you rate your lexicographic skills highly and like to constantly improve your vocabulary, then here’s something for you. Time yourself as you take up a challenge and get your grey cells working. If the idea struck your fancy, then Wordistic, an iOS app developed by mushDevStudio is the game for you.

Get your juices flowing with this app as you spend hours on end with your iOS device. Test your vocabulary and see where you stand. This word arcade game will keep you hooked for what will seem like eternity. There are 3 levels of word arcade games to satiate your hunger. This you can get for free. If you want more, then you will have to unlock the full version for an amount of $0.99.

wrd1This app has a lot to offer. There is a huge range of words, a ticking clock to keep a check on you and build the pressure, an immense number of levels to boggle your mind and a rush of excitement and thrill. All of this in a single app. It is a one of a kind game that will remind you of the games you played during childhood but will stand out from each one. The concept is simple. There is a stream of alphabets falling from the top of your screen downwards and you have to form words from those.

Don’t let the sound of it baffle you. It is indeed easier than it sounds. To help beginners, the app also suggests the kind of words you are expected to spell out. While this makes things easier on one hand, the stop watch ticks so fast that it is hard to guess the letters at its speed. For each correct letter that you miss, you have to wait a good long while before the next one appears. The rapidity of the flow of letters is the main challenge here. It is a test of your skills in English to the fullest extent.

wrd2The graphics have been so made as to give the entire interface a rough raw look. At times, you may feel that the quality of graphics do not match up to the quality of the concept, they are not very bad either. The focus of the game is the letters, which are intended to stand out. The menu might take some getting used to as well.

Besides all of this, the background music and sounds are instrumental in creating an arcade like atmosphere. Of course, if it interferes with your thought process, you can always mute it. Every time you play, you have the option to change to a new background. If you wish to learn and build your vocabulary, then there is the option to pause and check the online definition of a given word using the magnifying glass. The help information is not particularly sufficient, considering the many icons that the game has.

To add to the social factor, achievements can be shared on your Facebook account. On a personal level, you have the option to view your best words played and there is an Open Feint achievements area as well. On an overall value overview, it had been designed well with a great concept underlying it. Surely worth a try if you are a fan of word arcade games.

Good: Ticking clock adds to the excitement

Bad: Free version has only three levels

Worth Having Application :   Download the App

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