Wordsplosion : Game to Improve Your Vocabulary Skills

by | Feb 10, 2013 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Playing scrabble or crossword puzzle seems to be a thing of the past. To reinforce one’s hold over words and satiate the hunger for world play, Wordsplosion is the game to indulge. In the app, the player has to guess a five letter English word in the least amount of time. The game permits five guesses and if the bell tolls without a correct answer, the explosion happens. Dexterity and a steady mind are the requirements to play this game. The winner earns free letters to the succeeding games. A player can compete against other friends with Gamecentre option. The highest scorer gets his/her name mentioned in the winners scroll.

The game app has an enormous stock of five letter words. It is least likely that a word doesn’t feature in its dictionary. The game keeps on continuing till the player runs out of time, and once the moment comes, there is a BOOM!! This gives the game its name: Wordsplosion.


  • A portable rapid fire word puzzle game which helps to strengthen vocabulary stock of players. The game has a sizeable collection of words which possible contains all the five letter words in the English language.
  • The app has amazing graphics and realistic sound effects which makes the playing experience more enjoyable.
  • The app has a high scorer list which enhances competitive spirit. Players are inspired to play more seriously to see their name in the leader board rankings.
  • There are many challenging achievements in Wordsplosion which makes the game more interesting.
  • The app can be downloaded from the internet for free on android phone version 2.2 and above. The app has full network access to sent data to the internet. The app is designed in a manner that uses custom network protocols and network socket which means there is no requirement of permission to transfer data online.
  • The app has the permission to read sensitive log data. This enables the player to have other simultaneous activities on the tablet without interrupting the game in progress.
  • The app is well-suited to accepting phone calls and accessing other phone features without terminating the game. The app has permission to write to the USB storage of the phone. The app can write on the SD card.
  • The app can view information about network connections.
  • The game requires android 2.2 or later version.

Summary: Wordsplosion version 1.0.8 is a 5 star rated application which is a thrilling crossword game sure to be enjoyed by a vocabulary lover. The app is of 22MB is available free of cost and can be installed in Android Phone 2.2 and up.

Good: A crossword game for mobile user which enormously strengthen word power of five letter words. The app requires a minimum Android version of 2.2 and above which is available in most phones. Hence, the game can be accessed by a large number of users.

Bad: The app is limited only to five letter words. This can dramatically reduce the popularity of the app, but with just a bit of modification, the game can itself be a winner.

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