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Do you love strategy games which are fully real-time as well as having so many levels to reach? Well, the taste varies from person to person. But, if I tell about myself, I really love playing strategy games on my mobile phone and desktop as well. There are so many strategy games launching every week. But, the developers are still not creating a full-fledged real-time strategy game like World War II on any of the Android devices except the computer. However, keeping the players in mind, they have developed an awesome strategy game called “World War II Defense”.

Developer Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard has actually pulled this off with World War II Defense. This game is not only set in WW2, but it also brings a new sensation to the real-time strategy games on the Google App Store. The app is compatible with all the Android devices having the latest version of the Operating system, making it a big achievement for the developer.

World War II Defense is a multiplayer game with various legendary heroes as well as lots of angry enemies. This game is basically an awesome military style classic Islands Defense game. It offers 27 exciting levels with lots of fun and entertainment. Your main aim of this game is to help your heroes in fighting with their enemies in order to win the battlefield. To bring the heroes in the battle, you need to hire some heroes and train them. You’ll be provided with almost 6 unique units and gun and you’ve to use them accordingly. There are 13 types of enemies, from infantry to aviation. You can also upgrade your towers and heroes and give them special powers also. In this way you can create your army and start the battle.

World War II Defense is the deadliest war background of the game, which offers you the best challenge of strategy game’s storyline ever.

To play this game better, you need to build an awesome and effective strategy. If I tell you the best strategy, then I would say to place different heroes, defensive towers, as well as various soldiers and win the battle.

Overall, this game is really very addicting and enjoyable in the palm of your hands! The controls of the game are easy to use and the interface is very intuitive in nature. It will give an amazing as well as thrilling experience. Just lead your army to victory.

Download this epic strategy game and the most exciting tower defense game ever developed and win the battle. The app is available for totally free of cost on the Google App Store. So take part in the World War II battles. The epic heroes are ready for battle! Let the excitement begin!

Pros: multiplayer; great defense game; real time strategy game; 27 levels to play; epic heroes; so many enemies; various weapons to fight; user-friendly interface; super-addictive; free to play. 

Cons: none.

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