Wrike, An Adaptive Project Management Tool for Your Business

by | Apr 29, 2015 | Web 2.0 Apps | 0 comments

With the recent trend of big business and large capacity of data, it is not easy to communicate and share information. While project management softwares can help keep track of the business and help the business in many other ways, but without a platform that connects people for collaboration, document sharing and discussion, it’s useless. Wrike provides its project management tools to the user and promises to make the day-to-day work, easy.

Wrike is not only a platform, but a tool to help increase visibility across teams that work on a project from across the world. The free Wrike app is available for iOS and Android users.You can download the app here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wrike and enjoy connectivity in the mobile workspace.

Wrike is all about getting work done, faster. Create your own team, assign a task, and attach documents all in the app. The web version of the software can be integrated to your Gmail account, outlook, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Ms Excel, MS project, WordPress, Slack, Zendesk and more.

The app is currently being used by several small businesses as well as many Fortune 1000 companies. The general features for the small team workflow includes tracking tasks, project timeline view, live collaboration editor, email integration, and mobile application. If you’re interested in the enterprise version, all of the professional features are available along with security features, budgeting and resource tracking, user grouping, administration, custom reporting and more. Wrike’s flexibility allows you to manage who can view and edit tasks and folders.. You can integrate your company domain with the app and keep everything in a single space.

Wrike provides a free 14 day trial which comes with a tutorial so you can go through in order to understand the app. After your trial, you have the option to choose a monthly or yearly subscription.. There are more than 6000 paid users who are currently using the app to benefit their business.

Project planning is easy with Wrike. This project management tool, with so many plug-ins, is created to make things work seamlessly for any team. The Android and iOS version of the app have different technical requirement which you can review on the app page. Its quite compatible with most smartphones and optimized for the tablets and iPads. It gives you the freedom to work anytime, anywhere. everywhere.

Good: It is adaptable for any business regardless of its size.

Bad: The iOS version of the app is criticized by some of the users as it has some expertise features missing.


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