XBEATS- For the Music Buff in You

by | Jul 16, 2014 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Developed by NOTES17 LLC, XBEATS is the ultimate music puzzle game for the iOS. It is a simple game but requires a significant knowledge of music to solve the puzzle. You need to be well aware of what a half beat and a full beat are composed of and what they look like.

The goal is to use the least number of moves to use the tiles to fill the grid. Tapping and dragging moves the tiles from the screen bottom unto the grid. The number of moves given to you is calculated beforehand. If you do this in a very low number of moves, you can earn a star as well. To make the game easier, there is a hint button. It will cost you a move although. There is a handy undo button but you are allowed to use it only a fixed number of times.

xb1 A total of 40 levels are sure to keep you engaged. You begin with simple grids. The level of complication increases with increasing levels. Once you complete all these levels, you can unlock the Challenge mode. This mode is for those with a special love for solving puzzles and a vast knowledge of music. It provides you with over 30 new levels, each with added difficulties. It is especially good for those who have an experience with playing the piano. Both advanced and amateurs are sure to enjoy this game.

If you are learning music theory, this app will sure serve for educational purposes.  Learning music theory is one of the trickier portions of learning to play any musical instrument. Besides being tricky, it can turn out to be very boring and dreary. XBEATS adds a fun exciting touch to it, making it more convenient to learn new notes and figure out each one of them.

xb2The initial levels are quite simple and require only a very basic knowledge of music theory. However, as you proceed through the levels, the grids get more taxing. While the rewards are better and bigger too, you need a considerable amount of concentration to complete the game.  There are hints to help make your journey smoother by highlighting the numbers represented by the beats. The increasing grid sizes make it harder to keep track.

While the app serves the purpose of the gamification of music theory, it does not add much of a fun element to it. Addition of power-ups, bonuses, and other game elements would indeed increment the speed of the learning process. The app needs more creativity to make it more interesting and gripping. Also, expanding the criteria of the game would make it more fun.  The options are limited and so is the fun.

XBEATS is an app for music lovers and learners. For beginners, the puzzles will help strengthen the limited knowledge and build on it. For advanced music lovers, the Challenge mode will sure keep them engaged. It serves as an excellent educational app for those learning music theory as well. Available for free on the App Store, this app is for the music buff in you.

Good: Exciting grids that get tougher as the game proceeds

Bad: Further gamification required to make the game gripping

Worth Having Application –  Download the App

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