Yoga Free iPad – A Detailed Yoga Guide for All

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Yoga Free iPad – A Detailed Yoga Guide for All

Stress has become a common factor that is affecting the health of people these days. Various factors such as such as work, studies, jobs etc., can contribute to the development of stress. Yoga helps you to achieve mental and physical wellness. Those who practice yoga regularly have experienced reduction in stress. You will not be able to see the benefits of yoga overnight but with regular practice, it brings out amazing results and positive effects on the health. Many people may not find time to attend a yoga class but they may still be interested in learning and practicing yoga.

To help such individuals turn their dreams of yoga into reality, the Yoga Free for iPad will lend a hand.  The Yoga free iPad app helps you to set your own schedule and practice yoga at your home or any other place. This yoga app has been developed and launched by Arwella Corporation. Yoga for the iPad is suitable for yoga practitioners at all levels.

Yoga Free for iPad is a perfect app which helps the users to learn and master various asanas. The app contains more than 300 different asanas with detailed explanations including photos and step by step instructions. The app also has a pre-designed program that has been compiled and put together by Yogini Penny, a highly experienced yoga guru who has been practicing yoga throughout her life. You can even create your own yoga workout plan using this app and also make any alterations as you progress through it day after day. All the asanas are divided into four main groups. They are the floor asanas, standing asanas, sitting asanas and balance asanas. You can also learn the Sanskrit name for the different asanas via this app, all right from your iPad.


1. The app includes 300 poses including the ones that are highly recommended by yoga experts.
2. In this app, all the asanas are divided into various types and levels which make it easy for a person to choose his or her set of poses very quickly based on their stage in yoga.
3. The Yoga Free iPad includes a ready-made program that has been formulated by an experienced teacher.
4. The app is very user friendly. It includes a voice over feature to provide guidance to the user through the different poses. There is also a countdown which helps to keep track of the time which is spent on each and every pose.
5. In case you want to review an asana, you can move forward and backward with the poses using the forward / backward button.
6. The calendar option helps you to keep track of all your workouts.
7. You can share your progress with your friends through Facebook and Twitter.
8. The app also offers you essential statistics about your yoga practice.
9. The app provides extra premium content such as HD videos and audios, programs for yoga health, a yoga magazine, programs created by professionals, music tracks, custom poses and many more.


Yoga Free for iPad is a perfect app for anyone who wants to get started with yoga and also for professionals. This app can be downloaded from the App store for free.

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