Younity- One of the best iPhone Apps

by | Nov 29, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Younity is an app that allows your computer to work as a home media server.It gives you full access to all the media files stored on your computer from your iPhone or iPad. You can seamlessly access all the files stored on your desktop without any syncing. All your files are stored securely on your computer- Younity just creates a connection to access them remotely. Therefore, you can access all the files without occupying any space on your iPhone or iPad. Connecting many computers is also possible, Younity creates a simple, easy to browse menu from where you can access all of your files. There is no complex set up and the app is completely free.


FEATURES: Younity comes with lots of great features. It is different from the other media servers available, it also supports music, photos and other files making it a very versatile program.
Younity comes with a built in VideoPlayer and a Audio Player.In this way, you can enjoy your music without closing the app.


Another main feature of Younity is that, it allows you to share files with your friends. You can add them to your Younity account and send files directly to them. They can either download it or see it directly from their phone.
The app scans the documents that you recently added and makes them available to you. The process is extremely fast and does not require any interaction. It can also print documents.
In addition to this, there are plenty of other services like, sharing photos on Instagram with a single click and posting photos on Facebook or Twitter. The best thing is that files and media never directly come to the cloud, but gets streamed directly to your iDevice. In short, Younity has all the features that you will need.


DESIGN AND INTERFACE: Now, all these brilliant features needs to be supported by a proper design and structure. Fortunately, developers of Younity does exactly that. The app is full of easy to manage lists, brilliant icons and smooth textures. The developer has clearly put a lot of effort in creating this app and has successfully managed to create a fluid and user friendly app.

SETUP AND EASE TO USE: At first you have to install the application at your personal computer. After that, download the iOS application on your iPhone or iPad. Once it is completed, Younity will scan all the files stored in your computer like, photos, videos and literally everything else that is there. After that, you can access all the files directly from your phone.
The entire installation process happens extremely smoothly.The app is extremely easy to use and all the menu’s are familiar to iOS users. You don’t have to be a tech savvy person to operate this app.

OVERALL VERDICT: Younity is a brilliant app to use. There are no size limitations, you can connect as many devices you want. All of the features are completely free. Hence, it is undoubtedly one of the best apps.

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