Yutongo- Harness Your Creativity with Crowdsourcing

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Do you have a problem but are unable to come up for a solution for it? Despite your best efforts, the solution sometimes seems to be nowhere you can find. This is when working in a crowd or a group really makes life much easier. An answer that might not come to you easily might come easily for another person in the crowd. Yutongo, a web app, allows you to work with a group of like-minded creative thinkers to solve the problems that baffle us in life.

The latest buzz as far as ideation is concerned is ‘collaborative ideation’. Yutongo helps you achieve this in an extremely simple and optimistic manner. Outsource your idea to the crowds and see the solution emerge in no time. Teams in small and medium sized businesses and corporate will benefit largely from this app. Face all creative challenges collectively and put your minds together to ideate. You can also work with the internal teams for support.

Creating an idea with Yutongo is a complex matter with a unique approach. Each complex task is sub divided into a number of simpler sub-questions. Each process consists of about two to fifty participants or ideators. Each of these ideators takes up a part of the question and gives it some thought- gathering inputs, idea fragments and hints. Following this, various combinations of ideas are generated to get a smart idea. All this based on the individual ideas collected.

While open source follows a format along the same lines, Yutongo goes a step further to optimize it. The process of ideation is given a concrete structure, with each member being a source of inspiration to the others. The Yutongo creative team assesses the ideas submitted by customers and finds smart ones.

Another great development in this application is that it allows for a small pay of about $49 per month and a free plan. So, each instance of active participation is aptly rewarded by the team. Your intellectual property is valued like micro labor. The general approach of the existing innovation websites is that the entire rewards belong to the winner alone. Participation is neither encourages nor rewarded.

The belief and backbone of Yutongo is quite simple. Innovation is a result of a group of likeminded people from various walks of life working on a common challenge. This lends a multi-faceted form to the challenge and reduces the chances of glitches of most forms. It also equips these creative thinkers with tools- both software tools and traditional ones- that will help them make the best of their imagination. Combination of idea and cross-inspiration are the two key terms in the whole process here.

If you are not very comfortable with a team whom you aren’t well-acquainted with, then you can choose yours among the community members and the staff members. Pick out the best of the idea fragments of each person to create a master idea. You can express your opinion about an idea combination with a rating based on certain criteria. Add your comments too.

So, if you believe that you have a unique creative streak within you and wish to see it molded into something of magnitude, then Yutongo is an excellent platform for the same.

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