Zinkerz TOEFL- Aceing the TOEFL exams

by | Sep 24, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

The traditional methods of preparing for entrance exams are being used by everyone. If you wish to stand out, you must go the extra mile. This is where the Zinkerz TOEFL iOS app comes into the picture. This app will help you ace your upcoming TOEFL exams. It will teach you through fun and interactive sessions.


The method used by the app is quite well thought out and successful too. It gets started at helping students by providing them with a comprehensive practice planner that covers all the 4 sections of the test. It also uses other tricks such as using listening questions, flash cards and the like to ensure that students retain as much information as they can. Also, it has a performance tracker called ZinkZoneintegrated within the app so that students know where they stand and what progress they have made over a given period of time.


This app acts as your personal guide to help you keep your calm during the stressful preparation. At the same time, it makes the whole preparation process a lot more fun. It first starts with a diagnostic exam to see where you currently stand and then chalks out a roadmap for you. The app can be used online as well as offline and also on any device. This way, you get the flexibility of studying as and when you like. The app looks into the details of the exam too. Each section of the exam has been represented separately, with tips on what to expect. Every section has directions that are easy to follow.

The design and layout of the app is one of those aspects that make it stand out among the others in its niche. The graphics are simply superb and the animations for teaching are smooth and fluid. Getting used to the app for beginners takes no time at all. All the elements of the app have been laid out very logically. Navigating and finding your way around the app is easy owing to the intuitive design. You do not have to waste your precious time trying to figure out the app itself. Each font used is very clear and easy to read, irrespective of the size of the screen. Another element worth mention is the raccoon character. This one lightens the mood and makes studying fun for you.


Zinkerz TOEFL is available for download completely free of cost at the App Store. The catch is that all of the content of the app cannot be accessed through the free download. There is a monthly subscription for a few features with the cost varying based on the time you purchase it for. The prices are a tad bit on the high end in our opinion.

All said and done, the Zinkerz TOEFL app will take care of your TOEFL test preparation for you. You just have to sit back with an open and relaxed mind and followed the test plan laid out by them. With all this, you can be rest assured that you shall do well in the exams.

Good: Performance tracker integrated; looks into all 4 sections

Bad: Slightly expensive

Worth Having App – Download the App

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