Zipwhip – Unique Desktop Application for Messaging

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Zipwhip – Unique Desktop Application for Messaging

There are several desktop applications all over the world to serve the purpose as a messenger. Though many messengers provide the option of sending SMS to mobile numbers all over the world, only few messengers have succeeded in maintaining their high standards. One such messenger application is Zipwhip which is available in market for free of cost. You can download this desktop application from, which provides a wide range of messaging service with no additional cost. All you need is a US mobile number registered in Zipwhip will use the data plan and text plan of the carrier but it won’t charge any additional cost for the additional services it provides.

This feature is currently available only for US registered mobile numbers.  Once the US number is registered in Zipwhip, you can login to the desktop application and continue messaging like you do in your mobile. The Desktop application has a unique interface which has an alerting mechanism like other messengers. Whenever you receive any message from any mobile number you will get an alert immediately. The message data will be available in the cloud and it’s made available easily to access from desktop, mobile and web version as well. Most of the time when we use computers and if incase we wish to text, we may hesitate to search mobile phones. Zipwhip is very much useful in one such situation, you don’t need another device to send text messages, and you can directly send text messages right from your desktop using zipwhip application.

Since all these are in a cloud, there will be sync between all these three different versions of zipwhip. For any text message you receive to your desktop, you will get a pop up message as a notification. The user interface of this application is designed to be very simple but very attractive. The pop up message will have a reply button so that you can directly reply to the messages you receive to maintain a conversation. All the messages you send or receive in desktop application can be accessible through mobile and web version also. You can maintain as a history of messages in the cloud. Even if you delete the messages from desktop it will be deleted from all the other applications as well.

The Sync between applications is not only for the messages. This application maintains sync between the contacts stored. When you install the application first time in your android phone it will automatically detect the contacts stored in your mobile and it transfers to the cloud. All the contacts available in cloud can be accessed from the desktop as well. All changes made to the contacts in desktop will also be reflected in the cloud. This is one of the best applications available in market for free of cost with the integration of three different environments like desktop, android and web version. Anyone who resides in US and who has Android phone should use this wonderful cloud texting feature.

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