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Zone Diet is an app developed by Apps Genie Limited promoting the concept of Zone Dieting and helps the user to order food meeting the diet requirements to be delivered at their door step.

The app was launched on 18 Sep 2015 and has received good reviews among users for being very versatile and informative.


What is Zone Diet: This is a new concept of dieting devised by Biochemist Barry Sears which involves eating high fat, low carb food in a specific ratio (40:30:30), that is 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of fat & 30% of lean proteins such as fruits & vegetables. The concepts encourages people to have 5 smaller meals per day instead of 3 large meals. This gives a sense of fullness to us and also curbs over eating.

Basically the Zone Diet iPhone app is a information center which gives the user in depth details on the Zone Dieting concept.

It starts of with a video by Dr.Mike explaining the concept of Zone Dieting in detail.


Followed by the video the app has the below library of articles regarding Zone Dieting:

a) The Weight Loss Zone : Talks about the basics of the concept and how a person needs to prepare for the same.

b) Deliveries & Health Conditions : Zone Dieting is not for everybody. Women who are expecting a child & people with certain health conditions should not follow the Zone dieting concept. Details on this restriction are available here.

c) 10 Fat Blasting Fats : Eye opening facts on how to burn body fat quicker and safely.

d) Zone Diet Health Benefits : Benefits of Zone Diet such as being able to maintain the Insulin level in our body by taking planned mini meals & snacks.

e) Ordinary Weight Loss Programs : Zone Diet is very much different from the other ordinary weight loss programs. This selection gives a clear idea on how Zone Diet is different and can be beneficial to the user.


f) Designed for Holistic Health : As Zone Diet consists of 30% fat in its food ratio and does not require us to actually starve, this results in this diet being a Holistic health option taking care of our daily energy & nutrition needs. This selection talks in detail about the same.

g) What Can You Eat : This selection gives a detailed information on what are the different types of foods to eat in this diet including the different combinations. Zone dieting needs a lot of planning on what & when to eat. This selection gives us a clear idea on how to plan and select the right combination of food items to suit our weight loss target.

h) Wellness and Longevity

i) Low Carb High Protein Diet

j) Understand the Basic’s Zone

k) Pros & Cons of “Zone Diet” : Talks about the benefits & disadvantages of the Zone Diet concept.

Pros of the Zone Diet App are:

1) In depth details on the Zone Diet Concept
2) Easy to access menus covering all the areas of the concept
3) Videos explaining the concept

Cons of the Zone Diet App are:

1) App is not free for download.
2) Provides information which is already available over the internet for free.
Overall the app has good navigation and easy to read text. But being the fact that it is only an information center does not justify the cost of the app in iTunes. Most of the above information can be found of the internet for free. Making an app dedicated to the information and putting a price on it is probably not the best move. Instead it could have been a free app with some advertisements in between.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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