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WorkBook is an app designed to serve the purposes of all business concerns that are operating on a large or small scale in the field of project management and financial management. It is considered to be useful for various professional services as well, which includes services of Consultancy, Advertising, and Communication. Many large businesses that deal with huge financial budgets and high profits, usually find a considerable need to manage their finances carefully. They hire people and pay them to help them do the task.

WorkBook is made to assist people who indulge in providing professional services. Workbook considers each and every task and guides the user accordingly for corrections if required. It helps in various tasks and one of them is process management. Since manufacturing concerns have their goods in process while in production, this helps the users to view the percentage of the completed tasks and the current expenditure incurred on the same.

The next service provided by the software is Resource Planning. As we know, every business concern has limited resources and all businesses would want to get the best out of the available resources.

WorkBook helps the user to get the best out of the users’ available resources. The user can get what he desires without wasting any time. The app keeps a record of the amount of funds, employees and their performance and also the availability of raw materials. It helps a user decide and make out whether he should take up the upcoming projects or deny the offers at that point in time. Project management is another such service provided by  WorkBook. This has been considered as an important part; as it usually helps in producing a graphical schedule of what every individual job requires and the division of work accordingly, upto the deadlines.

WorkBook also serves its users for Lead/CRM Management, which deals with the details of the turnover of the concern. It helps businesses understand its opportunities and make out what sales proposals are going to prove more effective. It also helps in the preparation of budget and invoicing the personalized description to the customers. WorkBook assists its users for document management as well, which includes storing of important documents at a central place that can be accessible by all the employees. WorkBook also helps save email attachments and ensures that no important information is lost. Finance Management, Dashboard and time sheet entry are some of the additional services that are provided to the users by the app, WorkBook.

The only drawback of the WorkBook that has been found so far is that the services or ‘results’ produced by the software will depend on the data that has been fed into the system by the operator. Thus, the accuracy of the products will depend only on the inputs made by the user. It would be one of the best apps if the developers work on this particular factor. In all, the app is highly beneficial and supports connectivity with the customers and can be customized as per the needs of the users. The app also integrates all the functions and required business information into it. Thus, it helps in day-to-day needs of the businesses and is helpful for any entrepreneur and businessman.

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