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Movie Collector Connect is an online app that is designed to allow users to store the names of their collection of books, movies, music, games online. This online service allows you to enter the names of any or all of your collection online into your own personal database. You can try the service free for thirty days. If you are not comfortable using an online version, there is an option to download software on your device as well.

Visit the Movie Collector Connect website, and one can sign up for a thirty day free trial. A potential user can sign up with their email address or their Facebook account.  Once signed up you will receive a manual via your email with an instructional guide on how to use the program. You will then be asked what media you would like to start with. You can type in the name of the media, enter the barcode, or you can manually enter any information you may have about the media. You can then add this media to your collection or your wish list.  Each media section can be activated as needed and the trials are fully functional.

The main benefit of this web app is that you can store your collection of media online on any computer. Media is easily searchable by titles, characters as well as bar codes. One can also share it with their friends and family online. It is very user friendly, and it offers a lot of customer support. The app is also social media friendly, allowing the library to be shared via Facebook and Twitter.  Users can also mark their media read, watched, or listened to as well. Also, there is a link to purchase the items you have added to your wish list, usually from, for easy buying especially for those hard to find movies.  It would be nice if there was an option to upload media files such as eBooks, mp3s, and windows media files to the library for permanent storage, to keep the files on hand in case of file loss or damage. It would also be nice if they were be able to be rated by the collection owners instead of by the Imdb site owners and users.

This web app is great for keeping track of what media you have in your collection, and things that you want to add to your collection. Shows from your favorite television series can also be added. It is also cool because you can share this information with people that you want to, and even share it with your social media friends. It is also great because you can access it from different tech gadgets which are great when everyone has multiple items that they connect to the internet with. It is also great because it offers the same software that can be downloaded to the computer which can be backed up as well.  It can be used by anyone who knows how to turn on their computer at best.

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