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Book Collector Connect enables you to create a digital catalog for all your books. You can enter the books in your list in a number of ways. The best thing about book collector connect is that all your data is stored online and you never have to worry about your computer’s hard drive and since the app is online you can access it from anywhere anytime and don’t have to get to your home computer to access your book catalog.

Book Collector Connect is quite easy to use unlike other similar applications. When you sign up for the app it first shows you, the books available in the site’s data base from which you can select books to add to your catalog. You can add books to your library in a number of ways. You can either enter their ISBN number; enter the author’s name or the title of the book. The website automatically looks up for the books matching the fields which you have specified, and gives you the list of books matching your entered criteria.

You can check the books you like and enter them in either your ‘owned’ collection or your wish list. You can also enter the book’s name manually which allows you to add more data, although you have to fill all the categories yourself. When entering a book manually you can also add details such as the price at which you bought the book, store, and its current condition. You will also see a notes box at the bottom which allows you to add any further detail you might like to add.

It is not always easy to keep tracks of all your books specially, if you have a large collection. Book Collector Connect allows you to make a digital catalog which is easily accessible anytime. Another great feature of this application is that you can also share your catalog with friends via facebook or twitter. There are filters which sort your entries. You can always see what books you own by a specific author, or  sort them by their subject or genre. Whenever you add any book to your wish list you can get a brief description about the book from’s website, as the link to the book appears on the side so you can always decide with more ease whether you want to go for it or not.

For any book lover, who owns a lot of books, this is the ultimate choice to build up your catalog. The features of book collector connect offers with its ease of use are worth trying this app. Since you can try it for free for the first thirty days and then decide whether you want to pay or not this is worth trying.

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