PDF Reader Pro – No More Paper Work !

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PDF Reader Pro – No More Paper Work !

PDF is a very popular format to be used in almost all offices around the world. There are various apps available in the market that will cost you a considerable amount just for conversion work. But what will be your response if you can edit your PDF files like any other format within seconds and at a similar price. Now, there is no need for a file folder to manage your files when you can access them all from your iPad without losing a single piece of information.

PDF Reader Pro is a PDF application that has been designed for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone and requires iOS 4.2 or later. It has been developed by Yuyao Mobile Software. The app is actually a workplace for PDF files. You can do all the tasks related to PDF files which can be form filling, file transfer, conversion from any other format to PDF and many more such tasks, which are not easily supported by other similar software packages. Some of the highlighting features of this app are high speed navigation, Image Scanning, Annotation and cloud storage options.

It is heavily loaded with features with a special mentioning to the image scanner. Just take a photo of a document and the app will convert it to a PDF document. A portable PDF convertor is a must and the app leaves no question marks with its capability to convert many formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Web Pages, etc. into PDF. The app also allows filling and signing of PDF documents so that you can handle your business dealings on the go. The app supports many file formats like audio, video, HTML, etc. For effective reading, you can underline, highlight the text and mark up the PDF documents using annotation tools like line, circle or freehand drawing.

The application runs very smooth and fast even when heavy PDF files are being opened. Document manager helps you manage your documents while allowing you to keep important ones in a private folder which is password protected. The app also gives you options to connect with Cloud Storage applications like Dropbox, Box.net, Sugar Sync, etc. So you can directly share and download files from there and readily email your files. You can also edit your documents online using Google Docs.

The application is priced at $5.99. Comparing with most other similar applications with limited features and same price tag, this offer just cannot be rejected. The application has been a huge success till now and has been given full marks by most of the critics. This statement can be justified by the fact that it has been endorsed by Apple as the official iPhone app for business work. However, if there could be some free trial available, it would have been a brilliant idea because you can’t resist it once you have it.

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