Emoze Secure Push Mail – Your Personal Email Service

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Emoze Secure Push Mail – Your Personal Email Service

In the present digital world, it’s rare that a person doesn’t have an email account. But it is also true that no one has enough time to open up his PC or laptop to check out for his/her mails. First, it’s a timely process and second, emails are so frequent that it will be a non-ending infinite loop. That’s why these days email accounts are synced to your Smartphone so that you can easily access your mails. But then, if you have more than one account, it requires switching in between which is again time wastage. So, a better option is to switch to Emoze, your final rescue!

We are talking about the new Android app, Emoze Secure Push Mail. First, it is a push mail service and not a polling one. So, you will be notified about your mails immediately just within seconds it reaches your account. Second, the app is really a child’s play. You won’t have to keep checking for any new updates. It is a doorstep service. Just open the door and everything is there.

The app is designed to make it a “never before” like user experience. You can sync more than one account with your app. the app supports all the major services including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Microsoft Exchange as well as local ISP providers. You can not only sync your contacts and mail but also the Calendar like in Microsoft Exchange to keep track of the upcoming events. You can even set alarms as the reminder of events.

Adding an account is as simple as tapping the “add account” button and filling up your login details. You can also choose between what to sync and what not. Every time a new mail comes; you’ll be notified on your Smartphone home screen. When you tap on the notification, you’ll be taken to the account that mail belongs to. From there, you can either reply or forward that message. The controls are pretty much the same as on your PC so you don’t feel anything alien about it. Attachments are separately shown so that you can either download them or forward them as it is.

However, if you want all the notifications together, there is an “all inboxes” folder which contains your mails from all your accounts. There you can find your unread mails sorted according to time they were sent and different color for the account they belong to. This way, it’s quite easier to handle all your business deals instantly.

Apart from availing smooth and simple user interface, the app developers have devised proper measures to safeguard your data. You can remotely lock your phone and also wipe out all the data on your phone by restoring the factory settings. For this, you’ll first have to set a pin code in the security section of your app and then, you can perform the same by sending a SMS or an email to the phone or email account respectively. Also, you can encrypt all the attachments downloaded to your phone or SD card so that if the same SD card is inserted into any other device, the data will be unreadable. You can also enable to receive a SMS to a predefined no. if the SIM card is changed.

The app really delivers what one can expect; in fact better. Moreover, you are getting everything for free (just amazing). This app is recommended to everyone who owns an email account and an internet connection in his/her Smartphone i.e. everyone!

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