Facearound : Hang Around Freely !

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Facearound : Hang Around Freely !

Ever had a plan for a night out with your friends? Everything goes smooth if one of you is experienced and knows all the locations that can be visited midnight. But what if it’s not; you’re out on your own and don’t know a place to hang around. Similar is the situation when you’re out of town onto some other location. You can get the info on the popular places from the web, but you miss the freedom of a local. Also, you end with deals much expensive than they originally are. This is the problem with every tourist. What if one of your experienced friends guides you through your night out without spending a minute of his precious time? Not possible? It is, with Facearound.

Facearound is the new iOS app that has been developed by Business Competence. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version. It has also been optimized for iPhone 5. It is a geo-location app that helps you to discover all the places around you including restaurants, hotels, pubs, hair salon and many more. Moreover, you also get Facearound deals so that you need not to bargain anymore. Let’s elaborate it a little further.

The first time you launch the app, log in with your Facebook account and proceed; no need to register. You’ll be taken to the location you’re currently at on the map. You can also enter a location. As soon as the coordinates are set, all the nearby places appear on the map. They are marked in different colors according to what they offer. While the green ones are the general reviewed places by other Facearound users, blue ones contain reviews from your friends as well. So, you get better approach to the location. The orange ones are the ‘best deal’ offers available in the stores. Just go through the reviews and submit your own along with the ratings and share with everyone.

There is another option to view the places around you – list menu. Just check out which place has the best rating or the one reviewed by your friend. Simple, nice and easy it is. With everything right in front of you, it’s easy to navigate, check out the different features and help everyone with a good review. So, no need to Google the place and then check out different links for reviews and deals. Everything is here on Facearound!

The app is available for free in the App Store. Now, taking that all to be positive, let’s discuss some side-effects as well! First, the places shown are only available for some places and it’s obvious. No one’s going on the world tour to check out the different places just to launch an app. It’s not Google baby! Then, the deals offered are OK but not great to be taken for sure! Also, it is only helpful if your friends are in the circle. Otherwise, it’s completely grounded.

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