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What’s the difference between a 2nd class drawing and a classic painting? We guess both are same just that the painting gets deeper into the concept with the brush lying in the hands of a professional artist. We have seen the likes of Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, M.F. Hussain and all we can say is that if you know your work well, you don’t need to worry for the gold to come. That’s why paintings are now being sold at millions of dollars in the exhibitions decorating some of the priciest walls in the world. But if you consider yourself a dull in the business, let us encourage you. We have Paintrala for you, and we think that’s enough!

Paintrala is the new Android app that has been developed by AltamiraSoft and requires Android 2.2 or later version. The app is a Social Networking Service for paintings as well as a drawing tool. The SNS works similar to Facebook or Twitter where you can see all the paintings uploaded by other users. If you really appreciate one, you can follow the painter, like his paintings, leave feedback with comments and can even share them on Facebook. So, there’s a lot to socially advertise the talent.

Just sign up for the app and you’ll be greeted by a gallery full of beautiful paintings crafted by many different users of the app. You’ll be amazed by the accuracy and the trueness of the characters drawn. You’ll be on the edge to quit it as you’d think that all others are brilliant in the business. But just hang on for a second and take a tour of the app.

Yes, it’s the inbuilt drawing tool of the app that helps everybody being called “an artist”. It’s really amazing and perfect in its job. Just take a painting from the gallery or a shot with the camera focused on anything from a personality to nature. Then open the drawing tool and load the image. The drawing tool is a complete package of pencils, colors, brushes, many different textures and filters. It really makes the job easy. Don’t hesitate now whenever somebody asks you to do a portrait of him. Just take an image of the person, open the drawing tool and see your hand-skills matching with a professional.

Don’t bother working sleepless nights to draw a picture. Simple UI, professional drawing tool, and gallery to store your artworks and all for free; what more you can ask for! When your drawings are completed, you can upload them to the gallery and get feedback from other users. Other than that, there are competitions running side by side where the winner receives a feature on the main page. This is a good attempt to keep the interests alive.

We really liked the app and can bet for you as well. The drawing tool integrated with SNS really proves to be worth downloading. Just there is one downside of the app that may soon get resolved. The drawing tool is currently compatible with Samsung Android phones only. So, you better check before downloading.

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