Prehistoric Park : Let’s Rewrite the History of ‘THEME’ Park

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Ever had a visit to a theme park? Be it the Disney’s or Wonderland, we all love to enter the world of rides at least once. There is countless no. of rides flying over a rollercoaster from a small slide to a massive Ferris Wheel and we can’t decide for a moment which one to try first. But imagine a world without any such Park. This is what our ancestors had in their pockets when they started and the credit goes to them only for building our present. So, why don’t we thank them by gifting such a theme park to let them feel what we do!

We are talking about the new Android app, Prehistoric Park that has been developed by Gear Games. The app requires Android 1.6 or later version. If you have played Farmville on Facebook, then the gameplay is a little bit similar. It’s a simulation park building app where you have to build a Theme Park for the people of Stone Age. But not just building once gets you complete the level, you have to manage things over time just like in real life to really work it out.

When you first enter into the game, you are given some initial credits to help you buy some attractions like rides, fountains or trees which are more than 60 in total including giant wooden swings, giddy merry-go-rounds, exotic trees, stone temples, snack bars and much more. As you add more and more of these attractions, more people will come to your park and so will your value increase helping you to clear the levels. Your ultimate aim is to satisfy people and if you are able to do so, you get the worth of your borrowings.

You can select any of the rides available in exchange of silver/gold coins. When you select one, you can place it as per your wish so that people can easily access it. Also, you need to place benches and restrooms along with snack bars where people can rest and eat. But you also need to rest. So, hire some workers and they will work for you while you are off-screen. And work as a manager; don’t be limited to the available piece of land. Buy more and expand further to build the biggest amusement park of the history.

The graphics of the app are awesome and detailed. You can see all the people climbing up the slides, eating and walking around here and there. It’s so lively that for a moment, you yourself want to be a part of it. Then, there is achievements table and sharing options via Facebook and Twitter to make it public. Even sharing fetches you one gold coin for free; easy earning.

The app is available for free in the Android Play Store. The app is pretty dynamic in appearance and it was such a great pleasure to have a look at it. Though there are some in-app purchases available for the coins, the app has plenty to offer to the free users. We would recommend you to try your hands on this one. We are sure you’ll like it!

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