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We have been in this reviewing profession over many years now and have come across many unique and “off the trend” apps. Whether it is the App Store or Google’s play store, there are many precious jewels out there for everyone to wear. But today we are going to review an Android app that’s certainly unique but interesting as well. One of its key points is that I’m still not able to catch its one specific aim. Of course there are many if you see from different perspectives, but if you ask me to place it under a category, then it would be difficult. So let’s head to this amazing new app and find out what’s the catch!


I am talking about the latest Android app called EmoCiao. The app has been developed by Tahto Inc. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or any later version of the OS. I don’t know what the title means but all I know is that the app is a bit crazy. You will be doing some crazy stuff and then showing it off in public to top it off.

I don’t know what to call it – a game or just an interactive session, but whatever it is, it starts with you taking a photo of you or your friend (or anybody in this world). Then the journey starts with you selecting what type of emotion you would like to share with it. Then you will be presented a number of different costumes and props to decorate your photo with and create a complete human (or I would say alien) from that face. Also, you will be selecting a phrase to be put to the final product. Then the app takes this creature through some adventurous animations and finally you are given hilarious picture made out of some amazing stuff. One thing’s for sure that it’s not what you had expected but you’ll certainly like it. Now that this image is saved for you, you can mail it to your friends, share on Facebook, Twitter and bring together all your friends to your special journey.


The graphics of the app are decent with bright colours. There is a huge collection of items in the store and they even have more if you’d like to purchase via in-app purchases. However, I think that the free stock is quite satisfactory for an average user and has the potential to let you widen your scales of creativity on the screen.

The gameplay is obviously a bit confusing as a specific target of the developers is missing. You can use this app to express yourself at times and also use just for some laughter. But after say five times, I think that the effect starts diminishing.

The app is available for free in the Play Store. Other than some in-app purchases, nothing is paid. So you can enjoy it to the fullest for nothing.

Pros: decent graphics with bright colour combinations; hilarious stuff; wide range of props; free.

Cons: misses a specific target.

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